E l Audi e-Tron Q4, whose arrival in the market has scheduled the start of the summer, will come with many new features. It is not its electric propulsion system (Audi already markets the e-Tron and the e-Tron GT battery-powered), but its dimensions -with 4.6 meters it will be the brand’s smallest electric-, the design its interior and some interesting technologies that it will debut for the brand of earrings. Let’s start by placing it within the Audi catalog. The Q4 e-Tron would be between the Q3 and the Q5 combustion with its 4.59 meters in length, 1.61 in height, and 1.86 in width. However, its creators assure that in that size – barely 10 cm higher than that of the Q3 – it offers compact measurements but with the interior space of a Q7.

At the moment, Audi has not provided data on the heart of the car, the battery, and the information of the electric motor that is reserved for the global launch scheduled for April 14 ), so we will have to settle for knowing that it is built on the MEB platform of electric vehicles of the VAG group. But it has revealed some interesting technological content that is a first for the brand. As will be its Head-Up Display system with augmented reality that uses more surface of the windshield (up to four times more, according to Audi) to project relevant information to the driver.

This is especially useful, for example, for navigation. Thus, the Audi Q4 will guide the driver virtually through what they have called a drone it is really an arrow) that will move across the windshield to indicate the correct path. And it will do so on a higher plane than that usually used by speed information. Also the augmented reality system will alert us, for example, if we are going to leave the lane without having signaled it (the system will mark the limit of the lane with a red line on the windshield) or it will monitor the position of the car in front of us if we have activated the active cruise control.

This system – which Audi assures that it will be priced not much higher than a conventional HUD will be one of the highlights of the Q4 e-Tron, as will its new 11.6-inch touch screen, the largest equipped so far. in an Audi, or the vocal assistant that is activated by saying Hey Audi.

New Interior And Practical

A glance at the photos makes it clear that the interior environment of the Q4 e-Tron is different from that of other Audis. Because this electric SUV will debut a new generation of steering wheels -which can even be ‘square’ by flattening the rim also from above- that incorporates backlit touch controls and haptic capabilities with handling similar to that of an iPad.

Also, there is a new floating center console concept totally different from what has been seen so far in the brand. The entire lower area, the one that would occupy the gear lever, is released and the control core remains on an originally raised shelf where the start button, driving modes, sensors and parking assistants, and controls for the parking system are housed. Audio. Underneath there is a gap for a wireless charging panel for the phone and coasters. Precisely the practical aspect is one of the most careful aspects in this new Audi model since 25 liters have been enabled to store objects, highlighting a hole in the doors to house bottles or thermos of drinks of up to one liter. The boot also offers a good capacity, 520 liters, and offers a two-level floor to comfortably store cables for recharging.