There are many questions in the mind of many anime fans. One such important ones are: Will the season 4 of Attack on Titan mark the end to the series? When will the fourth season come out? The anime fans are really excited to get the new updates.

Since hearing that the attack on Titan will end with Season 4, viewers are a little disappointed. But the fourth season will definitely end excitingly.  In the upcoming season, some new characters will finish the series in wonderful ways. Fans previously assumed that Attack on Titan Season 4 will not be aired in 2020 because of the prevalent pandemic in Covid-19. But the final season in Japan is broadcast on December 7, according to Attack on Titan anime Twitter account and website. The adverts showed the Scouts in their fresh and obviously older apparel with new main visuals.

Key Plotting & Sypnosis

Yuki Kaji will take over his role as Eren in the Attack on Titan Season 4. He’s about to see Marley’s comeback. He will investigate the past and strength of the Titans even more thoroughly. After season 3 events the storyline presumably would skip some time.

Here is the synopsis of the Attack on Titan in Season 4 – Wall Maria is now starting its attempt to obtain it. The Scouts are optimistic that they can seal the wall and take Shiganshina District back with Eren’s new hardening ability. Eren will eventually open the secrets of the cellar—and of the universe if they succeed. However, the risk is waiting for Reiner, Bertholdt and the Beast Titan. Will that be the last battle for the life of humanity?

Marvel Crossover, live-action films and even an Easter egg at The Simpsons have been welcomed to the success of this series.

39 chapters are now ready and therefore are waiting for the last season attack on Titan and the number is still rising, Screenrant noted. Fans also predict a bumper episode count in season 4. On 7 December 2020, the season will be broadcast on NHK General TV and premiere. Crunchyroll and Funimation revealed on September 22, 2020, that “later this year” would be broadcast in 2020. The episode number is not, however, confirmed in the final season. Keep tuned to PhilSportsNews for the most recent anime series updates.