You will be aware that it has snowed in Madrid yes in many other places as well but it was played in Madrid that the last night it refreshed a bit that Tuesday’s agenda only included two games and that soccer has been disputed without an audience for months. There seemed little reason to overtake Atletico-Sevilla and save their protagonists an ordeal, but if the self-appointed best league in the world followed logic it would have already been played on Saturday in Pamplona at four fifteen instead of nine or it would have already been played on Monday at seven in Huesca and at nine in Elche instead of the other way around. So lost to the Metropolitan. With neither knowing how many below zero at the beginning nor knowing how many sub-zero in the conclusion. He who pays, rules. Forever.

Simeone and Lopetegui started playing it on Monday.

The first, hanging Seville a label from which it avoids, that of a candidate for the title; the second, stopping that Atlético had not played for a week but not that for much of that time they could not even train. Cuckoos, both. Then the home team recovered Trippier and Giménez, but not Joao, compared to those who beat Alavés. Then the visitor drew the same eleven that had defeated the Real. And both put their stamp on the system, it would be more: Correa pulled to the right to be practically a sixth defense without the ball, Suso as a false ‘9’ so that En-Nesyiri started from the left.

He threw the ball rolling,

to see what remedy. With some delay, that for pimps them. Sevilla made an appearance right away, with Rakitic more participatory than other times, but lo and behold, Atlético put the first one they had inside. Barely after the quarter of an hour, a recovery by Giménez was finding continuity in Suarez, Lemar, and Trippier, who reached the baseline and took a pass back to Correa. The unexpected is always expected of the Argentine, so, as perhaps a pass was expected, or if perhaps a rope looking for the other stick, he built a roundabout on himself to dispatch a left-footed shot that was unattainable for Bono from the precise moment he passed through under Fernando’s legs.

The following was a hand from Jordan within the area as involuntary as it was detached, as detached as it was involuntary no one recites that lesson of the regulations. Sevilla quickly prowled the tie, in double action after Rakitic enabled En-Nesyri for Oblak to get ahead of the Moroccan first and Acuna to throw out the ball he had caught there later. Atletico also flirted with the second with Trippier pulling out the periscope again to put it on, Suarez. The Uruguayan looked for her from below and ran into Bono’s leg, inaction that, viewed from a distance, might have been more orthodox above. But you have to be on the grass, of course. Especially on such a night.

Estrada wanted to make up for a lost time and didn’t even allow the clock to hit 45 minutes before ending that first shift.

It is understood things as they are. The stretch before the break had been much less hectic the ball for Sevilla Atletico armed behind waiting for deployment if it was done with it without occasions and for some without occasions and for others. The first solution from Nervion improvised if you like was for Kunde to take several three-quarter walks to see if something fell. It was not the case and the dressing room was reached with the minimum local advantage but still with fish to sell.