Nor it must be easy to stand in front of a television camera and admit to the world that you are not well. That your team needs something other than you in those moments. Less easy to be if your team captain that night that you just lost against a 2ªB an elimination of Cup King. That happened to Saul just a week ago.

If you face that interview at the end of one of the biggest hits that your team is reminded of, it is because surely you are clear that the boomerang will return to your hands in the form of revenge. Well, just over six days later Saul was once again the one chosen to speak at the conclusion of a meeting. This time with a goal and a victory in the backpack, but with the same open feeling as last week.

The canterano had just changed the dynamics of the game with his entry to the field. Atletico was going through its worst moments and the double substitution of Lemar-Correa for Saúl-Joao gave the rojiblancos oxygen. The 8th mattress won all the aerial duels in which he participated, finally getting the team to stretch. His mere presence became the float that Koke and Llorente needed to get afloat.

It was precisely Llorente, more liberated from the entrance of the youth squad, who with a ride served him the second rojiblanco goal to sentence a fundamental clash. A goal that had a special dedication, his wife and future daughter Africa. Atletico won the first of their postponed matches and recovered one of their flagships for the cause.

This helps, but what counts is the daily work, not breaking down. They work with the people outside the club not only work physically. Everything helps and the work pays. Saúl has no doubts about recovering his privileged place at Atletico, and neither does his coach. Like everything in life first, the one who has to want to get out of the difficulty is oneself and Saul wants it. He knew it was not right. and he has always worked. From the age of 18, he has had to live very good things, and now he has to live another and Saul is helping himself and is already getting out of the situation he was in Simeone assured in the subsequent press conference to the match.

The Argentine is not wrong when he remembers all the good things that Saul has experienced as a rojiblanco, so it is impossible to separate the idol from the footballer. Despite being living a bad time the youth squad has received innumerable expressions of affection in these weeks that have made him overcome the bad times he had to face. The other day a part of the fans came to encourage me and help a lot, I thank them I will continue working so that they can be proud of their work on the field again Saul himself assured me at the end of the match against Sevilla. It is easier to find your way out of the maze if you have a friend who leaves you clues. Between that and Saul’s perseverance, Atletico will be able to add one more piece to this set that seems unbreakable. The rojiblanco 8 already glimpsed the exit.