Athletic close the January market without incorporations and with an eye on the continuity of the squad. The club plans the continuity of all the players who end their contract on June 30 except Herrin, with whom they have not had since the summer after the two parties agreed to seek an exit that has not occurred.

Raul Garcia, with a renewal that is about to be announced, De Marcos and Balenziaga will have continuity in their hands. All three will join Vesga, renewed weeks ago for three seasons. The club decides to give continuity to three long-distance footballers. Raúl García is on his way to 35 years old, De Marcos will turn 32 in April and the leap Balenziaga (February 29) will be 33 in the month that has just begun.

The continuity of Raúl García has been decided since September, but it has not occurred before due to issues related to the economic adjustment of the pandemic, and the other two were scheduled to be discussed in spring. However, the performance of the two players since the arrival of Marcelino has decided that both have an offer to discuss. The first to receive confirmation of it has been De Marcos.

Elize referred to the situation of Raul Garcia and De Marcos in Movistar LaLiga before starting the last game against Barcelona. They are two basic players because of what they are contributing and the prominence they have in the team. We would like them to last for thousands of years because they are Athletic DNA, footballers who must be supported and protected.

Zarraga, with the 19 of KodroThe continuity of Balenziaga is the only one that has not yet been transferred to paper, but the opinions of the sports management and the coach are positive. The good response of Zumarraga’s while Yuri has been out having led to advance the deadlines. They also rule out the immediate promotion of any of Bilbao Athletic’s left-handers.

His time to break the roof of the first team has not yet come. The only short-term movement in the subsidiary occurs with the renewal of Zarraga, a 22-year-old midfielder who has already made his debut with the first team. The footballer has just renewed for two seasons making a good clause of his contract.

The sports management of the club offered another type of connection to the footballer at the beginning of the season – the idea was to agree on different conditions – but the signature has been made based on what was already drawn up. The getxotarra will wear the number 19 that was Kodro until his transfer to Valladolid.