The week that follows the achievement of the Super Cup returns Athletic to everyday life: in sports, the Cup in Ibiza will have to be started from scratch and institutionally the club still has to fix its budget to get the approval of its members compromises. Three weeks ago the Extraordinary General Assembly rejected the accounts, budget, and proposal for an animation stand transferred by the Board of Directors. Elize and his managers will have to appear again before their delegates, although the call has not yet been closed.

The match may not take place before the 2021 Cup enters its semifinal phase, with knockouts scheduled for February 10 and March 3. The Super Cup will have an impact on budget modifications. The trophy that the rojiblanca delegation walked through the City Council and the Provincial Council on Monday will bring the club just over 2 million euros in the economic prize for successfully participating in the tournament. The money will not fall directly to the club’s account because the entity will have to discount the amount allocated to bonuses, since the achievement of a title is subsidized for staff and coach.

Players are already working on Thursday’s match in the Cup with Ibiza. Marcelino will have three training sessions before tackling the duel, which will be played on artificial grass. The coach does not want confidence and has alerted the group of the need for an intense and very complete meeting. He will make changes for the Super Cup final. Yuri and Unai López work with the group, but there is no intention of forcing their return.

The rojiblanco treasurer has a task. The economic operations from the Super Cup will not be the only ones because once the first major objective of the season has been surpassed, the club will once again sit down with the players to give a boost to the negotiation on the salary reduction in the salaries of the staff.

Players and managers took a 6% cut from their salaries, which brought the club around 4.5 million euros. In this campaign, the club’s management wants the players to sign a contribution close to 10% of their respective salaries. The decrease will be fixed, based on the file that each footballer has signed, and will exclude the variables that could occur with bonuses for titles such as Super Cup or Cup. The Board of Directors’ plan is to include the agreement in the next Assembly of Committing Members, which will insist on requesting a modified annual fee from its partners to alleviate the effects of the pandemic. The club assumed a negative effect of 37 million euros due to a reduction in income in years 19-20 and 20-21.