WWE had to change the script of the last episode of Monday Night Raw to forced marches due to the discharge of Drew McIntyre for testing positive for COVID-19. The WWE champion had to quarantine himself to avoid contagion and will remain under observation for the next few days.

In the last hours,

it has been reported that other superstars of the WWE roster have contracted the disease, which had to be displaced from the programming at the last moment. One of them is from a great star who had to be displaced by COVID. The other case occurred on NXT. And a third was scheduled for SmackDown, but the show was lost after the positive was confirmed, said Dave Meltzer a journalist for Wrestling Observer.

Mike Johnson,

A journalist for PW Insider has released more information about it, naming the superstars who did not appear on the Monday Night Raw show but we’re behind the scenes, which means that none of them fell ill in recent days. The superstars in question are Cedric Alexander, Asuka, Shelton Benjamin, Nikki Cross, Humberto Carrillo, and Ricochet. Johnson indicates that none of them were used for creative purposes.

Asuka’s case is one of the most striking,

since Charlotte Flair, who shares the reign in pairs with the Japanese, appeared and faced Lacey Evans in an individual fight. Many people thought that Asuka had also been quarantined, but that seems not to be the case.