National Wrestling Alliance fighter Aron Stevens was interviewed for Toronto’s VIBE 105.5FM radio. During the session, the formerly known as Damien Sandow spoke about his work experience in WWE and his relationship with Billy Corgan. His remarks below transcript courtesy of WrestleZone.

Aron Stevens describes his work experience in WWE

You only had a day and a half of rest a week. There was a plane at 11:30 am every Wednesday, but you had to be up from five in the morning to pick up your clothes and not miss the flight. On Friday you left at six and you would take your plane to work. From there we would prepare three house shows and two TV shows, only to repeat that same process every week. It’s a system that doesn’t allow you to spend much time at home. It’s funny to hear how it evolved that schedule after I left the company. The time on the road before the pandemic is nothing compared to what they expected of us in my day.

Stevens talks about timeouts in WWE

We had to go back to work the day after Christmas and stay there until New Years’. It’s great in a lucrative sense. Nowadays it’s easy to ask for a break time, but in my day it would never have occurred to us. been more careful with various subjects, but in cases like mine, they never did something like that. It’s not something that bothers me, since that’s the way the business works. It would be easy to say ‘WWE is evil but at the end of the day, I was compensated for not take timeouts.

The working relationship between Aron Stevens and Billy Corgan

It’s amazing. I think Billy is someone who has a lot of affinity with the public but without ceasing to be an artist. Wrestling is very close to that type of relationship. There are many guys who just want to go out and fight, but there is more than just struggles in this business. Billy and I are very connected when it comes to character development and I am honored to have an experience working with him.