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Newcomers to the world of iGaming who play at classic online casinos often think about playing Bitcoin online slots. At the moment, buying cryptocurrency is not a problem and it can be done by anyone who has fiat money. However, some nuances make them change their mind.

One such issue is the question of whether Bitcoin casinos are safe. To answer this question, it is necessary to take a closer look at crypto casinos.

What crypto casinos’ security is based on?

First and foremost, it is anonymity. Of course, you may wonder, “How can it be anonymous if crypto casinos ask for verification?”. It’s very simple. Anonymity, in this case, means that the domestic government authorities in your country won’t know that you’ve played at the casino. It’s a great way to make deposits and winnings anonymously. After all, only you know who the wallet belongs to.

The same is true for a licensed crypto casino. They only ask for verification if they notice suspicious activity.

Another important point is the safety of your funds. There is nothing easier than going to a crypto casino to choose a Bitcoin deposit method, then copying your wallet address and sending funds to it from your wallet. There is no third party here. In this case, you are not exposed to various fraudulent schemes, and you deposit directly to the casino. This is a very reliable way of making payments, and it is simply unbeatable today.

On the technical side, all BTC platforms use SSL certificates. These are encoders of sorts that use 128-bit encryption to protect your connection to the site. In addition to this, advanced technology and staff are used to monitor for suspicious activity.

How fair and safe are the games?

If it is clear that crypto casinos are safe on the technical side, what about gaming? The situation is the same here. All the games at Bitcoin casinos are built using blockchain. Every time you spin a roulette wheel or spin the reels in crypto slots a new round is generated. Naturally, it is securely encrypted and the outcome is known even before your bet.

Whereas traditional online casinos use an RNG on the game provider’s server. Here a random number generator works, which creates the result, then encrypts it and gives you the hash (a special function, a signature). This is so you can check the results of the game and compare the hash with the result of the round.

Example of hash before spin
Example of hash after spin

Some online casinos have the option of copying the hash directly into the games. Here you can also set a deviation, which makes the game results even more random. But, to avoid multiple requests to servers, most casinos do not have a validator. However, you can check obtained data on third-party services decrypting SHA-256 functions

What conclusion can be drawn from all of the above? Crypto casinos are safe. This is 100% proven. Moreover, even the games in such casinos are quite safe. You can play in them and not worry about your data or the safety of your funds.

Now you know you can choose BTC casinos as a great alternative to traditional casinos.