Apps Like HeadSpace | 6 Robust Alternative to HeadSpace


Headspace is a lifestyle and health concerned application.  In this article, I am going to share some of the best apps like Headspace that work no differently. It aids users in attaining sound mental health and peace through pondering over some peaceful melodies. Stress and anxiety walk hand in hand with the modern lifestyle and therefore, these applications tend to reduce it by meditation.

Apps Like Headspace

Headspace supplies its users with various methods to overcome stress and attain cerebral peace. Apps like Headspace mainly focus on providing meditation and spirituality based content. Let us not wander around in the introductions and move further to the main subject.

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Apps Like Headspace | Six Powerful Alternatives

Headspace consists of multiple features to improve your sleep cycle, which enhances maximum productivity. It targets to strengthen concentration, lifestyle, and help people create lively work-life balance. These types of meditation applications act as a personal attendant for your entire day and enable you to stay in a highly mindful mode. 

Features of Headspace 

  1. It projects content with multiple exercises to build up immunity and stamina.
  2. Motivational narratives and short meditation methods to help you kick start a good day. 
  3. Headspace consists of a Move Mode that aids in building mind-body coordination.
  4. Multiple workout sessions to get rid of stress and anxiety.
  5. Sleepcasts and mini-meditation sessions to improve sleep quality. 
  6. Basic to advance meditation sessions to make the mind calm and focused.
  7. Soothing music, customized differently for both waking up and sleeping at night. 
  8. Collection of numerous articles to help you stay motivated about your goals and build up a positive mindset.

6 Fantastic Apps Like Headspace (Alternatives)

Applications like Headspace encourage us to achieve optimum productivity. By making slight changes to our day to day lifestyle, these applications help to attain maximum output and lead life healthily. Here is a list of 6 apps like Headspace, along with their key features. 


If you are planning to take a break from your hectic everyday way of living, calm is undoubtedly a good option. It has more than 10 million downloads. Calm is a healthy alternative to Headspace, assists in making your mind more concentrated and focused. 


Features of Calm

  1. Short tales, in a calm voice and soft music, to improve your sleep cycle.
  2. Calm has meditation guides to improve focus and mental peace. 
  3. Melodies and soft tones to ponder over and relax. 
  4. Meditation manuals for stress removal. 

Stop, Breathe & Relax.

Stop, Breathe & Relax is one of the best apps like Headspace that provides users with an enchanting interface. Before starting the meditation tutorials, this app carefully analyses your lifestyle and mental conditions. There are quizzes specially designed to know about your mental health. Using various methods prescribed in Stop, Breath & Relax, one can achieve increased blood flow, calm mind, and close attention. 

Stop Breathe Think

Features of Stop, Breathe & Relax

  1. Stop, Breathe & Relax keeps a check on your daily moods and emotions. 
  2. Based on your emotional state, guided meditation sessions are available.
  3. Theoretical and audio explanations for relaxation and concentration. 
  4. Customized meditation sessions based on emotional conditions.

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Insight Timer  – One of the Best Apps like HeadSpace

Insight Timer provides online communication and meditation experience to its users across the globe. It is a similar app like headspace power-packed with advanced features to ease mental health and care for you. It aids you to connect with the people of your community while relaxing and enables you to share your views on various topics. Some of the salient characteristics of the app are mentioned. 

InsightTimer- Apps Like HeadSpace

Features of Inner Timer

  1. Interaction with nearby users and discussions on various spiritual topics.
  2. Insight times help share experiences and thoughts within the local community.
  3. It helps to track progress through meditation timers, which can be personalized by beginners. 
  4. Graphs to keep a check on mental growth.
  5. Chant timers to maintain healthy spiritual discipline
  6. Reminders and timers to keep up a proper meditation schedule.

Simple Habit

As we move forward in the list of apps like Headspace, Simple habit is a fantastic option to go for. According to various research, meditation is highly beneficial to overcome insomnia, depression, and other mental health issues. Simple habit is featured in TechCrunch, Business Insider, and Forbes, so you can surely give it a try. 

Simple Habit - Powerful Alternative to HeadSpace

Features of Simple Habit

  1. Best mentoring from motivation coaches and experts.
  2. Thousands of meditation and mindfulness scripts for different emotions and life situations. 
  3. It improves the sleep cycle and focuses on proper relaxation therapy.
  4. They have enhanced self-awareness and positivity. 
  5. It helps in getting rid of strain and anxiety.
  6. It reminds and streaks for tracking daily improvement.


Serenity is another potential alternative to Headspace. It has numerous free audios and articles to help users learn about proper techniques of improving focus. Serenity needs just no signup, simply download and start practicing. It’s enhanced characteristics make it an essential component of everyday life. 

Serenity Meditation

Feature of Inner Hour Serenity 

  1. A weeklong audio course, to guide beginners about proper techniques of relaxing. 
  2. Multiple sleep guides to aid you towards a healthy life and better concentration.
  3. Cure many mental health issues like insomnia, low self-esteem, anger through cognitive behavioral therapy. 
  4. Scientific treatments for turning negative thinking patterns into some productive thoughts. 
  5. Expert guidance for meditation practices and improving their way of living.

Inner Hour 

Inner Hour is an astounding self-care platform. The ultimate aim of the developers is to generate a positive and peaceful lifestyle for the users. All the attributes of Inner Hour are evolved by experts and fit perfectly for your mental health and relaxation needs. 

The Inner Hour

Feature of Inner Hour

  1. A relief chatbot – Allie to provide assistance and identify mental health issues.
  2. Live chat with psychological experts to get professional support and guidance regarding depression and anxiety.
  3. Motivational quotes and scripts to inspire you and help you know more about emotional needs. 
  4. Guided self help courses for important mental health concerns. 
  5. Manuals for good sleep and maintained sleep schedule. 
  6. Numerous strategies for anger control. 


Apps like Headspace are the need of the hour. These applications provide great expert guidance, along with numerous self-help and meditation tools. In this script, I have listed six highly appreciated apps that help you to stay highly productive.

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