It seems that it was yesterday when Apex Legends was launched in full swing by the battle royale in the video game community. But that happened at the beginning of 2019 and the game is already close to turning 2 years old. So much so, that the Respawn Entertainment title accumulates up to 7 seasons behind it and will begin its eighth chapter this February.

It is already officially confirmed: Season 8 of Apex Legends will start next Tuesday, February 2, and will bring with it the inclusion of a new playable character: Fuse. This has been presented to the public through a cinematic of the most attractive at a visual level, with a fast and vivid plot under a grayish filter and certain scenes in black and white.

YouTube video

The action-packed Fuse launch trailer

The presentation cinematic, after the warning poster about the appearance of both blood and violence, we have been able to enjoy the first actions of Fuse, the new confirmed character of Apex Legends. This one is presented as the typical tough, middle-aged, punchy-looking guy before asking.

The 4 minutes of the plot show us the tough character of Fuse and let us glimpse a certain depth in his way of being, where his manliness prevails above all else. In this presentation of Season 8 of Apex Legends, we can also witness the scene in which the new legend loses his right arm, an accident that forces him to live with a robotic implant in the purest Cyberpunk 2077 style.

His presentation poster is outstanding and, although the video does not reveal what his in-game characteristics will be, a legend with a lot of punch is expected. Fuse is coming to Apex Legends alongside Temporada 8 on February 2, but no details have been revealed yet, other than his fondness for explosives and high-caliber weapons.

Electronic Arts defines Apex Legends as the new evolution of the battle royale genre and in this Season 8, Respawn Entertainment will introduce certain changes to the map, in addition to adding a series of weapons to expand the video game catalog.