Another Life is a sci-fi series by Aaron Martin produced by Netflix Original. The Battlestar stars Katie Sackhoff, Battlestar Galactica, and Selma Blair, a Hellboy star. Another Life was filmed in four, like many of Netflix’s new originals, highlighting the Netflix software to create the most stunning shows.

In pursuit of intelligent life, the astronaut Niko Breckinridge leads a team to the room. They seek to discover the origin of a strange extraterrestrial artifact that was discovered on Earth. The crew faces incomparable risk on what could be a one-way ride during their mission. Let’s look through the plot, cast and release date of season 2 of Another Life on Netflix.


In the second season, there are many questions to be asked. Only the crew of the Salvare realize the aims of the alien civilization after they have learned that Achaia is hostile and uncompromising in either killing or enslaving the human race.

The crew of the Salvadores could only stand there and watch as their new aliens were killed by the Achaia after they had rescued them from the artifact that was killing their world. The return to Earth would be a race against time, but the Earthlings who rejoice wrongly are peaceful and in danger of being killed or ever enslaved.


Most of the cast is returning, though any addition to the crew of the ship can be seen. This includes – among others – Niko (Sackhoff), Cas (Elizabeth Faith Ludlow), Erik (Justin Chatwin), William (Samuel Anderson).

Sasha (Jake Abel) and Ian are two people who won’t come back (Tyler Hoechlin).

Release Date

Another Life is currently published in the air in the second season. This year the production in Vancouver was expected to begin. But for the tv and film industries, the coronavirus pandemic has been devastating. Moreover, since Another Life requires a large amount of VFX work, fans must wait a while until season 2 can be streamed.

The sequel shooting should begin from 2 March 2020 to enable fans to hope to be published in the second season by the autumn of 2020. However, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the sequel development process had been hindered and thus halted. The project was stopped for the moment. The filmmakers reveal resumed filming in Vancouver on 28 August 2020. We expected it to get finalized until 24 November 2020. The new launch sequence by 2021 is imagined.

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