Angelica Rivera and her daughter, Sofia Castro have one of the most loving relationships, they both spend a lot of time together even though they already have independent lives, the few times the former first lady is seen in public , she is always surrounded by her The family, especially with Sofia, has a very close relationship and as both actresses are well known, they usually give a lot to talk about when they are seen together, this is what happened recently when the young woman shared some stories on her Instagram account in which he could see next to his mother.

She is fond of the holiday season and each year reveals this great love for decorations, always surprises with its great style to place ornaments and Christmas tree is no exception , it seems that the current trend is to decorate with extra-large-size ornaments and so did the young woman, but what was most striking is that her mother is the one who helped her decorate in this innovative way. 

Angelica Rivera and her daughter spent a tender moment decorating their Christmas tree , in the videos they shared on social networks you can see them enjoying the activity and they showed a bit of their luxurious home that combined very well with its extravagant decoration, without Undoubtedly one of the favorite moments of the holidays and that most unites families are the decorations and it seems that among celebrities it is also like that. 

The extravagant decoration of famous Mexicans has already caused controversy, recently Eugenio Derbez was involved in controversy over his enormous decorations and without a doubt the Rivera family is not far behind, a year ago she, her daughters and her ex-husband El ‘Guero ‘Castro, posed together in front of a huge Christmas tree and celebrity fans can’t wait to see their Christmas portrait this year.