Amino for PC | 100% WORKING Tutorial to Run Amino on PC


Are you looking for some new and engrossing people with similar interests as yours? Well, then Amino is a perfect application for such purposes. Amino allows you to connect with intriguing people from all over the world with your identity, anonymous. In this article, we will be sharing a precise method to get Amino for PC without any technical hassle.

Amino for PC

Amino aids you to discuss topics that seem appealing, share amazing stories, and chat with the people of your community without revealing your identity. Multiple features like sharing video stories, attractive emoticons creating community posts and quizzes, etc. make your conversation exhilarating.

The Amino app is available mainly in the mobile version. So, in this article, I will be guiding you step by step about how to get Amino for PC. 

Amino for PC 

Amino is a potential social forum that offers you to connect with numerous communities with exciting events, fantastic friend lists, and engaging content. The most appreciated attribute of the application is that it helps you create animated stories of your choice. You can also view stories from some famous and most followed Aminos (communities) on the platform.

Some Robust Features of Amino for PC 

Features OF Amino

  1. Anonymous and secures your identity.
  2. Enables you to limit your audience by making, amino account private. 
  3. Engaging Videos and blogs for your favorite gaming and anime based content. 
  4. Create enthralling stories using gif, videos, and emojis.
  5. Create and use handmade stickers.
  6. Join the most followed communities as per your passion.
  7. Connect to various citizens by building your community.

How to Get Amino for PC?

Your doorstep for anonymously connecting to the world, Amino, is compatible just with the mobile. But, in this script, I am going to reveal in detail how you can get Amino for PC. 

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Download Amino Using Emulator

Emulators are software that allows you to run specific applications on your PC, which are just compatible with Android. To get Amino for PC, I will be using the Bluestacks emulator. BlueStacks is one of the safest emulators for your PC. 

BlueStacks Emulator

How to Get Bluestacks Emulator for Your PC?

Step 1: Download and install Bluestacks on your PC from its official website.

Step 2: Once installed, launch the BlueStacks emulator on your PC. 

Step 3: Read and agree to the terms and conditions. It will take a few minutes to load things.

Step 4: If you are new to Bluestacks, you probably need to sign in with your existing Google account or create a new one. 

Once signed in, and provided the necessary credentials your Bluestacks emulator is ready to perform. 

How to install Amino for PC using Bluestacks?

1: Download the newest amino apk for your PC using the link 

2: Once downloaded the apk, create an empty folder on your PC.

3: Now, right-click the apk and extract it to your created folder. 

4: Open the folder, right-click on the apk, and open it with Bluestacks emulator.

BlueStacks Initializing Game

5: Once opened, Sign up on Amino for PC and create your account. 

After completing the sign-up procedure, you are ready to access this network of communities without revealing your identity. 

According to some sources, You can also get Amino for PC directly. But there is no particular method which is entirely reliable. Also, the direct download version has few blemishes that don’t let you access the full features of the application. 

FAQ- Amino for PC

Is Amino Completely Anonymous? 

The Amino app is developed for connecting people and enhancing their skills and knowledge via communication. In the communities of the app, people are free to express what they think with their identity completely anonymous. 

What Are the Most Popular Aminos? 

The five most trending Aminos are: 

  1. Furry Amino. 
  2. Hetalia Amino.
  3. Sonic Amino. 
  4. Snake Amino. 
  5. Cosplay Amino. 

How Do I Voice Chat on Amino? Voice Chat on Amino for PC

You can make voice calls on Amino using the speaker like button on the phone In the right corner. You can also chat while being on a voice call using the icon in the right lower corner. 

How Can You Screen a Room on Amino? 

Using the following steps, you can watch videos in any room on Amino.

Click on the screen room option from any chats, either personal or any chat community. 

Select a video for which you like to create the screen. 

You can also create a playlist of several videos of your choice. Now enjoy the video along with your audience. 

How Do I Leave an Amino for PC? 

Click on the Settings option on the main menu. Once clicked, you reach the settings of the app. Scroll down, and you will find ‘Leave this Amino’ at the bottom of this page in red color. 

Now, click on the Leave this Amino button. A dialogue appears consisting of two options ‘Leave this Amino ‘ or ‘cancel’ to check if you are sure then select the leave option.

Once you successfully leave the Amino, you will reach back to the home page, and nobody will be able to see your profile anymore. 

Is Bluestacks Safe for My PC?

When it comes to safety, Bluestacks is one of the safest emulators. Even if you are using it without any antivirus installed, it may not harm your device.

Closure- Amino for PC

Amino is an exciting platform to explore new & trending material online. I am a tough addict of Amino, and therefore, I suggest not to invest too much time discovering new things. Today, I have put forth the most precise method that helps you to run Amino on a computer system. 

Amino is a forum that allows you to know yourself better as well as get in touch with the trending topics of the society. It is mainly a secure and safe platform.  If you have any questions or suggestions relevant to Amino for PC, then write down in the comments. Also, share this useful information that subjects solutions to run Amino on PC and help your mates experience Amino on the big screen.