American Horror Story Season 10
Ryan Murphy’s terrifying anthology series American Horror Story took us to haunted places, sent us to prison, checked us into spooky motels, and many other things. And there are no signs that the FX series will stop soon. The terrifying show was confirmed for a tenth series before AHS: 1984 ended in fall 2019. The mystery behind each new installment of this campy, scary series is half the fun. Murphy recasts his cast members, placing them in totally new but always creepy settings. We’ve seen the end of the world, been inducted into a cult, and taken a trip there to see it. So here’s what Season 10 of American Horror Story might bring.

Season 10 Title And Release Date

The confirmation that Episode 1 will also be available on Hulu via FX was made.

American Horror Story Season 10


  • Season 10 will feature ten episodes.

American Horror Story Season 10 Cast

One thing American Horror StoryOne of the things that makes this a great place to be is its rotating cast. Fan favorites and regular players will always be there. Emma Roberts And Jessica Lange There will be many familiar faces to cheer on fans who aren’t able to attend this season’s finale. Sarah Paulson This is essentially the moment when ‘Queen of the Franchise’ should be declared. Evan Peters. Kathy Bates. Billie Lourd. Finn Wittrock.Lily Rabe.Leslie Grossman. Adina Porter, And Angelica Rossall they will return.

This season, model actresses are newcomer Kaia Gerber An ex-child star and internet personality Macaulay, Culkin. Culkin’s inclusion in the cast is what will make me look forward to season nine after the disappointing end of season 8. We do know who Culkin is. Bates will host a “crazy and erotic sex” scene. This makes WTFTV a must-see.

Season 10 Plot Details

  • Murphy confirmed that double Feature would be divided into two “horrifying” stories: one set by the sea and one set by sand.

After the release of a promotional poster showing a fanged face, fans speculated that Season 10 would see ‘The Black Fish’ from Provincetown.

Murphy then posted a picture of a tall, slender creature that corresponded to the description in the urban legend. This was confirmed by fans.

Another theory was that the alien theme from Asylum was being left hanging. Double Feature promotional posters also support this idea and show a fanged creature with an Alien.