For some time now, one of the Capcom series most associated with Nintendo consoles is undoubtedly Monster Hunter. For this reason, many owners of Nintendo’s hybrid console were quite stung by the fact that the last and wonderful installment, Monster Hunter World and its expansion Iceborne avoided its arrival at the said machine something also understandable from the point of view of technical view because converting that production to Switch had to be a daunting task. However and to the joy of its fans the Japanese company plans to make up for all this shortly to the point that it is not going to settle for just editing an exclusive delivery for that machine but two. The first of these projects to arrive will be Monster Hunter Rise a title that will appear on March 26 and that we are going to talk about in this report while the other Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin, will arrive sometime this year summer surely.

While the aforementioned Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be the direct continuation of the Nintendo 3DS classic and will follow the trail marked in it that is, it will be a more classic role-playing game Monster Hunter Rise will be a delivery that will keep the playable base embodied in the entire series. Therefore our main task will be to become monster hunters, being necessary to prepare well before going out to materialize each mission. But as is customary in the latest editions of this franchise we can carry out this task both alone and with three other players thanks to the cooperative online mode which will present this production as one of its most striking attractions.

Again we will be able to make use of a wide selection of weapons all of them different and better or worse adapted according to what styles of play and missions. At our disposal, we will have more than a dozen different weapons from the greatsword or the classic spear to the curious insect glaive or several different types of crossbows. With them, we can take sides in the now-classic monster hunts of all kinds some of the great size and fierceness combats that as always will take place in real-time and will offer an important tactical load, especially when we have to reduce the bugs of greater size and resistance. Obviously, one of the main novelties and claims of this new installment of the saga will be the ration of new beasts that will have to be hunted. The most imposing of all these beings and the one that will assume the role of the flagship monster of Monster Hunter Rise will be the fearsome Magnamalo although we can also recreate ourselves with the Great Izuchi a bird wyvern that will have several Izuchi subjects under his command the Tetranadon a really impressive amphibian or the Aknosom another wyvern that will resemble a heron of incredible size.

Very striking news


In addition to the new string of unpublished being in this edition, it will also be possible to enjoy new mechanics and really important playable novelties starting with the one that has attracted our attention the most the possibility of using the so-called cable bug. Thanks to this object which will be a kind of insect that will function as if it were a grappling hook we will be able to reach practically inaccessible areas of the stages incredibly enhancing their verticality as well as the aspect related to exploration. of the title itself. But its usefulness will also be very prominent during the development of the confrontations since it will allow us to even grab onto monsters. being able to combine its use with that of our weapons something that we are looking forward to enjoying.

Another very interesting innovation will be given by the presence of some new allies the Canine comrades. These wolf-like animals in terms of their appearance will help us during battles being of great help as offensive allies. But their function will not stop there only since they can also be used as mounts to move with greater speed through the extensive scenarios. Of course, do not think that given their presence the adorable Felyne will disappear since once again we can continue to count on the help of these famous pets for various tasks. And as for the main characters, the hunters will also incorporate new actions and movements to their classic set and may even carry out some new attacks.

Another more than notable innovation in relation to what was embodied in the previous installments of the franchise available on Nintendo consoles will have to do with the design of the scenarios. As the users who entered Monster Hunter World enjoyed the dimensions that the mapping that will house this edition will have will be incredibly vast. But best of all, there will be no loading times of any kind between some areas and others so the action will always run smoothly. Precisely to ensure this last quality Capcom is doing the impossible to make the title flow at a constant rate of 30 frames per second something


One of the great Switch titles of 2021

No one is aware that with the enormous commercial success that the Nintendo console is obtaining around the world companies like Capcom are going to try to bring as many of their large franchises as possible to this machine. Monster Hunter is undoubtedly the most successful of all those owned by the Japanese company a series that will premiere on March 26 with a promising adventure suitable for four simultaneous online players that will propose the same usual game style (that is, an adventure of action with combats role-playing touches, etc.) but that will include quite a few new features that will go beyond the provision of new creatures to hunt down. From what we have been able to see Monster Hunter RiseIt aims to become one of the big Switch releases of the beginning of the year. An adventure that seems quite ambitious and that has a really striking appearance which will certainly come in three different editions as we mentioned a few days ago Normal Deluxe and Collector.