Alexis Kaufman known as Alexa Bliss in WWE has become the latest victim of harassment and threats on social media. The RAW superstar has received a series of messages in recent days about a Twitter follower who hates her real-life boyfriend, Ryan Cabrera. Bliss and Cabrera made their engagement official a few months ago and the follower in question doesn’t seem to like that.

This user, by the name of AlbertLittle666, has ensured that he will go to the home of Alexa Bliss, located in Orlando to get rid of Ryan Cabrera. According to the aforementioned, everything he is planning will be done for the happiness of the fighter not for harassment. Multiple people have reported that account but it is still active at this time.

Hey everyone who thinks I’m a troll I’m not lying when I talk about getting rid of that piece of shit from Ryan Cabrera so stops calling me a FUCKING TROLL I’m not a stalker I’m an Alexa happiness lover I’ll go to his house in Orlando Florida and pay him a little visit. #LetMeIn he wrote in the first instance. AlexaBliss WWE I’m going to have to apologize for what happened; when I get to Orlando Florida he continued. @RyanCabrera is on our way. We will show him who’s boss. Oh, and one more thing, he’s scared.

It is not the first time this has happened in the last year and it is becoming a worrying trend. Sonya Deville suffered an attempted kidnapping in August 2020. A man named Phillip A. Thomas II, 24 were detained inside Deville’s home when he was trying to execute a kidnapping plot that he hatched for eight months. Also, Phillip was spying on the fighter and harassing her through social networks. Since then Thomas has been incarcerated until his court date and was refused a $ 2 million bond as the judge considers him a threat to the community.

It should be noted that Alexa Bliss did not make an appearance in the last episode of Monday Night Raw. Last week he stalked Randy Orton in the dying moments of the weekly show. This apparent change in plans could be related to the cyberbullying case although it has not been confirmed.