During broadcasts of Monday Night RAW by USA Network, superstar Alexa Bliss burned face Randy Orton after this last fight in hand to hand with Triple H.

The last moments of the red show saw Randy Orton and Triple H starring in a physical exchange without sanctions or referees involved. The Game almost completely dominated these moments of quarrel and was about to finish off The Viper definitively using his mallet. However, the characteristic blackout of The Fiend paused the attack between the two fighters.

Triple H disappeared into the darkness after

finding his deck engulfed in flames. Arena lights revealed Alexa Bliss in one corner as a distorted version of Firefly FunHouse music played. Bray Wyatt’s companion managed to catch the eye of The Viper while revealing the word Pain on her hand. Seconds later, Alexa threw a Fireball into the face of Randy Orton, who was seen in pain on the ground as this week’s broadcasts closed.

Alexa Bliss had fled a Randy Orton attack

On December 28, 2020, Alexa Bliss faced Randy Orton with a lighter and gasoline. Bray Wyatt’s partner bathed in the flammable liquid and asked The Viper to repeat the same thing he did to The Fiend on TLC. Despite striking the match in front of the camera, Orton confessed the following week that he failed to convince himself to carry out the attack on Alexa.