At least one of them had struggled: Mischa. Her roommate Adela turns her head in the “Celebrity Big Brother” container. But what about after the end of the show between the former candidate of “Love Island” and the former Swiss “Bachelorette”? Adela reveals it.

But no happy ending for the “Celebrity Big Brother” flirtation between Adela Smajic and Mischa Mayer? While in the show of Sat.1 everything indicated the beginning of a love between the former Swiss “Bachelorette” and the former candidate of “Love Island”, Smajic now specifies in an interview with the Swiss daily “Blick” : “Nothing works there. ”

She also points out that she has always been honest with her feelings. “I was somewhat surprised to be described as an ‘ice queen’ or to pretend that I was playing the ‘wrong game ‘. If the latter had been the case, I should have told him that I was in love with him. But I never did that because it wasn’t like that, ”continued the 27-year-old. She still considers Misha a good friend.

Soon after moving, however, Smajic could still imagine a future with Misha. “I think it would be a shame if I didn’t have it in my life anymore,” she explained. Getting to know him was even the best experience for her on the show . “He’s a wonderful, warm person and he has a big heart. ”

Punished by spectators

For more than one friendship, that doesn’t seem to be enough after all. The fact that the 27-year-old, after her initial affair with Mischa in the container, suddenly pulled out of her flirtatious partner for no reason, was felt by audiences during the show. So they kicked Adela out of the eleventh place show.

Mischa, however, finished “Promi Big Brother” in second place, which he was completely satisfied with. On several occasions he called on the television audience not to call him in the final, but to his colleague Werner Hansch, because he needed 100,000 euros much more than he did. In fact, former sports presenter Hansch, who racked up a mountain of debt due to his gambling addiction, ultimately won the format.