The heartwarming series which is After Life returned for its next show in which fans got to see what happened next to Tony (played by Ricky Gervais) when he realized he wanted to continue living following the death of his wife Lisa (Kerry Godliman). Many fans have binge-watched the entirety of season 2 and are eager for more. What’s there going to be a next series of the Netflix show?

Release Date

Netflix revealed today, Wednesday, May 6, that there are going to be another series of Later Life.

The humor drama had an award-winning series and returned for another both psychological and funny second season.

Announcing the news on Twitter, the streaming service only said: “NEWS: After Life will go back for season three”.

As it has only just been shown, a release date has not yet been confirmed since it’s too premature days.

Creator Ricky Gervais also took to Twitter to Discuss the news.

He explained: “Since so many of you watched #AfterLife2 so fast and made it Number 1 again, the nice folks at Netflix have indicated I get off my fat arse and do another season. This is your fault”

However, according to The Metro, he afterward added on a dwell Twitter chat that season three would be”the last one” for After Life.

He jokingly commented he would”take Tambury out using a meteor’ to be sure the show could not come back for a fourth season.


Thus far, there has not been any news on who’ll be starring in another series but it’s pretty much guaranteed Gervais will probably be in the third season, seeing as After Life follows the journey of his character Tony.

Since the series has been a major success, it’s likely the majority of the cast will be coming.

This will comprise Mandeep Dhillon, comedians Roisin Conaty and Joe Wilkinson, Kerry Godliman and Ashley Jensen who plays Tony’s brand new love interest Emma.

The only cast member who likely won’t be appearing in the third year is actor David Bradley who played with Tony’s father as his character sadly died at the end of season 2.


No, a trailer has not yet been released for After Life season 3.

Since the information was announced this evening about there being a third party series and with the country under lockdown, the show has not even started filming for the newest episodes.

For now, fans can watch the trailer After Life season 2 while they are waiting.


In the end of series two, after watching a different video of his wife Lisa telling him to say goodnight to her, a heartbroken Tony was about to take an overdose of sleeping pills.

Fortunately, his puppy Brandy continued to bark, delaying him from taking the pills until the doorbell rang.

Tony put the pills in his back pocket and to his surprise, it was Emma the nurse waiting in the doorway.

He told her he wasn’t ready for another relationship and desired it to be such as Groundhog Day between them, where they could just talk and enjoy one another’s a company with no pressure.

Despite being originally averse, when Tony answered the door, Emma said she wanted Groundhog Day.

So can this be the start of a new romance for Tony and Emma?