A place to dream will have season 3. Last week Netflix confirmed that the Virgin River fiction would continue, at least, one more installment. Something that, to be honest, does not surprise anyone. The second season of the series has been a real success and has ended with a huge ‘cliffhanger’ that must be solved with a new batch of episodes.

Jack’s shot has left the tension through the roof. Although no one doubts that Martin Henderson will continue to star in the film, the assassination attempt opens many unknowns. The main one: who was it that fired the trigger? The doubts surrounding this situation are not the only ones that the scriptwriters will have to solve in the following chapters. Here we collect the plots that have been left open and that season 3 of A place to dream will have to settle.


As we say, this is going to be the main plot of the next installment in the series. Though it is yet to be confirmed, Jack is in good hands thanks to Mel’s ( Alexandra Breckenridge ) quick arrival at the bar. Therefore, we cannot fear for the life of the protagonist. However, this event will begin an investigation to uncover the culprit and the bets are already open. Who is your candidate? Calvin? Brady? Charmaine? Someone else from your past?


Charmaine ( Lauren Hammersley ) is not having a good time. She has learned that she is pregnant with her ex, with whom she is still in love with, but he has no intention of continuing his relationship with her. Okay, it can be very intense at certain times, but we can come to understand its reasons. In the following episodes we will continue to explore her feelings, is she really “crazy” or is she just a victim?


Something’s up with Doc and we’ll find out in the next season. Tim Matheson’s character received the results of his medical checkup and we can guess they are not good. Although he was going to tell Hope ( Annette O’Toole ), he was interrupted by her surprise engagement party. And so we are left without knowing anything about it. The ‘showrunner’ Sue Tenney anticipated that it would be a challenge for him and his relationship with Hope.


Brady ( Ben Hollingsworth ) hasn’t made good decisions in his life, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a good heart. As we have already seen, despite being under Calvin’s orders, Brady tries to follow his instincts and help where he can. He is one of the candidates to have shot Jack, but if so, he was probably following the instructions of his superior. In the new season, we may find him behind bars, as one of the last things we heard from him is that he was going to be arrested.


The ‘showrunner’ has already announced that we will continue to investigate the relationship between Lizzie ( Sarah Dugdale ) and Ricky ( Grayson Gurnsey ) in the next season. Both have begun to know each other and something tells us that it could be one of the most beautiful couples in fiction.

“They are polar opposites. As we delve into Lizzie’s past and her relationships, it becomes clearer why someone like Ricky is attractive to her. Ricky has a fantastic arc of transformation in the books that I plan to explore. We got into a bit of this in season 2, but we will explore it in future seasons. “