They play day and night, investing large sums in gaming equipment. They forget about everything when they start passing a quest. Sometimes they even forget to eat. They are gamers.

Today, the market offers a huge variety of games. So it’s not surprising that everyone finds a genre and a game to their liking. The degree of involvement in the gaming world and preferences for a certain genre divide gamers into several types.

We came up with our classification and decided to share it with you in this article. Let’s go!

Online gamers

Online gamers are the most socialized player in the computer environment. This person isn’t interested in story games and prefers online ones. The main interest in such games is teamwork and obtaining certain in-game items and achievements.

MMORPG games (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) are full of people who spend all day controlling their characters, choosing the right gear, improving their knowledge and skills, and obtaining certain items. They often spend huge sums of real money on in-game purchases and add-ons, sponsoring companies that produce online games.

Moreover, many of them prefer to stay on top without spending personal time, which is already lacking. For instance, Destiny 2 fans choose to buy Witch Queen boosting services to get exclusive loot and guaranteed weapons. Some online gamers are boosters themselves; many become bloggers and run channels sharing secrets, shooting let’s plays, and just chatting with their subscribers.


These are people who play mainly past-generation video games released on original platforms like Atari, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Sony PlayStation. They play both on emulators and on the original consoles that are in working condition. There are entire thematic forums and groups dedicated to retro games and their lovers.

Hardcore gamers

Such players are attracted to gameplay, especially hard to pass. They choose the hardest levels, try to complete all the quests, and get the max number of achievements and rewards.

In a hardcore game, users spend hours honing their skills and not upgrading the in-game character. Many hardcore players specialize in team games, integrate into gaming clans, and eventually evolve into cyber athletes.

Cyber athletes or e-Sportsmen

These are people competing in cyberspace solo or as team members. These are professional gamers who make money on video game tournaments. Love for the hobby, specialization in a certain game, and skills honed to the maximum — these are the basis of success.

The largest multimedia companies invest big bucks in such professionals to attract an audience and hold tournaments with huge prizes for the winners, for instance, a Dota 2 tournament with an unthinkable prize pool — more than $20 million.

Of course, this category of gamers is the main consumer of gaming gadgets and gear. And these are not luxury items for them, but accessories and equipment for training.

Casual gamers

It’s the most common type. These people consider any game as entertainment only. They easily switch from it to their usual activities. Unlike e-sportsmen, they rarely buy specialized gaming equipment cause they don’t consider it necessary to spend money on it. Their main gaming platform is a work computer or a smartphone with which they can easily pass the time on their way to work.


These are players for whom competition and leveling are secondary. The main goal for these people is to complete immersion in the game. They are interested in everything — game lore and story, new game spaces, design solutions, hidden places, and glitches.

They often feel uncomfortable when the game requires them to complete a mission within a limited amount of time — it prevents them from exploring the area at a comfortable pace. They like to find for themselves additional quests, enjoying their achievement. Also, researchers consider good games as works of art.


These people collect video games, game consoles, various devices, and gadgets. They differ from most players in their passion for directly owning various instances of physical objects associated with video games, rather than spending time playing the game itself.

There are much fewer real collectors than ordinary players. Nevertheless, numerous developers release various bonuses — figures, posters, souvenirs, artbooks, etc.

Collector’s editions are just designed for connoisseurs of such products and are many times more expensive than regular ones. This exciting hobby requires a lot of money to regularly add something new. Many become bloggers and review their collections.


Over the past forty years, the popularity of video games has made a huge leap — they have become a global industry. As you can see, there are several types of gamers. However, you should take into account that this is our classification. You can find completely different descriptions on the web.

It is also worth noting that it doesn’t have to be only one type. A person can include several at the same time — something from retrograde, hardcore, and buy special editions from favorite developers. In any case, no matter what type you are, the most crucial thing is to enjoy your hobby and not forget about real life.

Love games and stay safe!