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Drug addiction is a real thing. Yet, some movies shed light on it. We will look at seven of the best movies about it.

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If you are planning on watching movies about addiction, these seven are worth watching. The story may inspire you or someone to get the help they need. Let’s begin with the first movie on our list.


This 2012 movie features Denzel Washington as an airline pilot who deals with an alcohol problem. His issue comes to light when he is under investigation for an incident that occurred on his flight. He also comes to grips with dealing with cocaine addiction as well.

While his incident was responsible for the death of six people and his co-pilot in a coma, it brings to light how someone’s addiction can hurt others. After Whip Whitaker (played by Washington) is arrested and incarcerated, he tells a support group that he decided to do the right thing and live without addiction.

Everything Must Go

Will Ferrell plays a furniture salesman with an alcohol problem. He loses his job, and his wife leaves him all on the same day. As a result, Nick Halsey (played by Ferrell) decides to sell everything his wife left him in a garage sale.

Despite his struggles, he meets a neighbor that he talks to. However, he goes through alcohol withdrawals after going days without a drink. He decides that sobriety is the way to go and stays on that path.

Will Ferrell’s character resists the temptation that would otherwise bring him down a deeper hole. But instead, he decided that alcohol dependency wasn’t a life worth having. If you or someone you know is inspired to quit alcohol dependency, this might be the movie to watch.

My Name is Bill W.

The film is based on the life of William Wilson, who lost his fortune after the 1929 stock market crash. To soothe himself, he decided to drink alcohol. After finding out he was dealing with an addiction, his life was already in disarray.

Bill W. (played by James Woods) meets a doctor dealing with alcohol problems. The pair decided to form a group that would soon become known as Alcoholics Anonymous. The film is based on the formation of a group that has created numerous chapters across the United States and soon the world.

This movie inspires many people that they are not alone in their fight against alcohol dependence. This may be another film that may inspire you or someone you know to quit drinking and live life without a single drop of alcohol.

You may have heard of the nickname for AA as ‘Friends of Bill W’. It’s named after Wilson and remains one of the world-renowned support groups for those struggling with alcohol issues, including family members of those dealing with it.

Clean and Sober

Michael Keaton plays Daryl, who is a realtor that is struggling with cocaine addiction. He enters rehab after waking up next to a woman who overdosed and realizing he bought cocaine by stealing his company’s funds. When he undergoes treatment, he meets a woman named Charlie.

Charlie is an addict herself. They work with Craig, a rehab counselor who helps Daryl kick his addiction. Even though he loses Charlie, he realizes that drugs are not the way to live.

He eventually recovers from his addiction. He receives a 30 Day sobriety chip during his support group meeting and tells the story of how it happened. During his treatment, he learns that “to break old habits, you need to make new ones.”

Even though it’s a movie, the quote itself is true. As someone who might be struggling with addiction, you can kick an old habit and replace it with a new one that is meaningful and important.

28 Days

Sandra Bullock plays a newspaper columnist named Gwen. She deals with an alcohol problem where she shows up late for work. She gives a drunk speech at her sister’s wedding and knocks down the wedding cake.

She manages to steal a car and crashes into a house in an attempt to find a replacement cake. She has two choices: prison time or 28 days in rehab. Gwen decides to go to rehab.

She meets her fellow recovering addicts, including Eddie, a pro basketball player. She would soon get close to him after her breakup with her boyfriend. She gets over her addiction and reconciles with her family and friends.

The movie shows that alcohol may not be something a person would go into rehab for. Some may be there for drugs or other addictions.


Based on a true story, Gia is a biopic based on the life of Gia Marie Carngi. During her rise in the fashion industry, she started experimenting with drugs. She would soon place drugs at higher importance over her relationships.

Gia would die of AIDS after she contracted the virus, likely due to injecting drugs with infected needles. The movie shows that drug addiction can affect anyone whether you’re rich or famous.


This 1991 film features two undercover police officers that go underground to investigate the drug world. They both manage to develop an addiction in the process. However, the pair would get over their addiction while they try to take down a drug boss.

The two police officers (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jason Patric) fall in love. It shows that addiction can be developed, even by force (as they did for part of the investigation).