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Against the background of the current global situation with its great turbulence and uncertainty, the importance of content marketing has been only growing, as it provides businesses with a sure-fire way to keep the lights on — through delivering value to their target audiences. And where there is demand, there is a lot of work. Unfortunately, a day is not 48 hours long. No matter how professional a content manager is, they also need some time for personal life, rest, and snacks, so learn more about how to become more productive with less time.

Facilitate Content Creation with Digital Tools

Content is the building block of any internet resource, be it a business website or a personal blog. The fundamental aspects of your marketing channel’s development depend on its quality: recognition, target audience coverage, website traffic, and conversion, which eventually translate into business profitability. The process of creating content takes the most effort and time, but you can leverage special services, sites, and programs designed to facilitate a number of steps. They provide a variety of templates, useful editors, ready-made layouts, and some specific tools like an animation maker or a web-based file converter. Make sure to find a suitable multifunctional service that will help you cut down on time without compromising quality.

Focus on One Marketing Channel

One of the biggest mistakes aspiring content managers make is trying to have it all immediately. This approach, which targets all popular social media at once, works in a completely wrong direction. A person cannot fully concentrate on a particular platform and figure out what content will best work for this channel and how to promote it in the most effective way. To avoid losing time on running after all hares, you should choose the social network where your target audience lives and focus your efforts on it. Surely, you will also need to follow SMM trends to stay on top of things and adjust your content accordingly.

Find Your Favorite Stock Image Site

When it comes to visuals, you should be aware of the opportunity to source images from stock photo sites. Sometimes, it is too costly and time-consuming to create illustrations for content on your own, while it is no good to leave it without visuals at all. In this case, you have the option of turning to special platforms. Photo and video stock sites provide content managers with professional-level products. You can choose from both free and paid options, but they will be of high quality anyway.

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Use Smart Analytics Tools

Collecting, structuring, and digesting tons of data is not the most fun but one of the most important parts of content marketing attribution. Without proper analytics, you cannot find out what content your audience likes and how to attract target customers and increase user engagement. Businesses that do not analyze their own social media pages do not know their strengths and weaknesses and, therefore, cannot avail of the former and fix the latter to stand out from the competition. Nowadays, there are many services that collect all the necessary data for you to know exactly what attracts your users and to avoid wasting time on generating ineffective content.

Embrace User-Generated Content

No person engaged in content marketing would argue against the importance of learning their target audience. However, learning to listen to it is no less important and also happens to be time-saving. It is the user who often suggests in which direction to move, what topics to explore, and how to make your content more valuable. Such interaction with subscribers reduces the time spent generating new posts since you just need to look at ideas offered in the comments. Moreover, you can borrow videos, posts, photos, or Instagram Stories created by your followers to construct authentic and engaging content in no time.

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Spend Some Time on Crafting a Content Calendar

A content calendar is a list of topics planned for publication on blogs, social networks, newsletters, and other online channels. Everyone chooses the timeframe covered by the plan depending on personal preferences and specific needs, but a monthly plan is considered the best option. It allows you to see the full picture of the content created: whether there are posts covering the same topic or too many publications of the same type; if your content still aligns with your strategy and is consistent with your brand voice, and so on. Also, such a solution helps to collect all ideas in one place without losing any useful thought. Keeping it all well-organized is sure to save your time and make your efforts more successful.

Final Advice

While trying to cut corners, make sure to spare no time for self-development. Sometimes, time spent reading a book or attending a webinar will help you avoid multiple mistakes or teach you professional tricks that will only bring you profit in the future.