• Currently, there is a dire need to change the character of some WWE Superstars.
  • Know which WWE Superstars are in dire need of character changes.

In WWE Raw, Alexa Bliss recently changed her character due to her appearance with The Find. However, she did not need to change her character but with this she proved that she can play any role well. Chad Gable has also recently transformed himself into a more serious character by changing his character.

Last year, Bailey also benefited from taking a heel turn and that is why she remained the long-term SmackDown Women’s Champion. There have been many superstars in WWE history who were greatly benefited by making changes in their character and even today, the company is in dire need of some superstars to change the character.

In this article, we are going to mention 5 such superstars who desperately need to change their character.

5- Apollo Cruise is in dire need of character changes in WWE

Apollo Crews is a talented WWE superstar whose in-ring skill is quite spectacular, however, he needs to improve his character significantly. Apollo has appeared as a babyface for most of his WWE career and it seems that this is the reason why he did not get so much success in the company.

Although Apollo managed to become the US Champion this year, nothing much fun was seen during their championship run. However, if he had joined the Heal Stable the Heart business while being the cruise champion, the result would have been different. Apollo Crews is in dire need of a change of character at the moment so they should get a heel turn soon.

4- Aleister Black needs character change in WWE

Zelina Vega was recently released by WWE and therefore it is difficult to say anything about the future of her husband Alister Black in the company. Black has not appeared on television since the WWE Draft, however, he has not been performing much before.

Now that Black is currently away from TV, WWE should return to the ring in a new form by working on his character during this time.

3- WWE needs a change in Jeff Hardy’s character

Jeff Hardy is a WWE legend but it would not be wrong to say that his best days in the company have passed and he is currently working as a mid card superstar in WWE. The former WWE Champion is currently in a feud with Elias and if WWE wants to make this Feud exciting, they should think about changing Hardy’s character as soon as possible.

2- WWE Superstar Nikki Cross

When WWE Superstar Nikki Cross was in NXT, she made a lot of headlines as a member of sanity. However, after joining the main roster, he made a friendship with Alexa Bliss, changing her character. Alexa Bliss had severed her friendship with Cross only after coming out with The Find, and she had defeated Cross in cheats this week in Raw.

If Cross adopts the character of his old NXT days to deal with The Find’s partner Bliss, then the fans will enjoy watching the fight of these two superstars.

1- WWE Superstar King Corbin

Baron Corbin is a natural heel and he can easily force viewers to hate him through his promos. Let me tell you, Corbin appeared in many different characters like Constable Corbin, King Corbin as a Heel Superstar. Although Corbyn initially had little success as King Corbyn, Corbyn’s character suffered significant losses after the feud against Roman Reigns during the feud.

Even at the present time, Corbyn is not able to do anything special and he needs the most to change his character at this time.