• The only question in everyone’s mind is, who will now challenge Roman Reigns to be a superstar?
  • Roman Reigns had a big win against Drew McIntire in Survivor Series.

Roman Reigns had a big win against Drew McIntire in Survivor Series. However it was not a match for the Universal Championship. Roman Reigns won the Champion VS Champion match. There was a tremendous match between McIntire and Roman Reigns . Roman Reigns won with the help of Jay Uso.

SmackDown is yet to have its first episode after Survivor Series. Now the only question in everyone’s mind is who will challenge the Roman Reigns now. Many superstars are included in this list but four such superstars are on the top of this list. These superstars can now challenge Roman Reigns.

Daniel Bryan can challenge Roman Reigns

Several reports have revealed that the next opponent of Roman Reigns is going to be Daniel Bryan. It is not clear now whether these two will compete in TLC or in Royal Rumble. If Daniel Bryan challenges Sammy Jane then Roman Reigns will have to be on the side. Daniel Bryan and Sammy Jane will be nothing special.

Feud of Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan is worth the money. Now it seems because Daniel Bryan and Jay Uso’s feud is going on at the moment. The Roman Reigns is also a part of it. Daniel Bryan has lost the first few matches. He is a big superstar and if he loses more matches then he will lose Momentum.

Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens makes a name in this list. Jay Uso recently won with the help of Roman Reigns by hitting a low blow to Kevin Owens. Now a new twist can come in the story from here. Kevin Owens has previously been the Universal Champion. He was a heel at that time. He also had a feud with Roman Reigns. But now the aspect is something else.

Roman Reigns is not going to lose the Universal Championship so soon. Even if Kevin Owens still loses, his Momentar will remain intact. And that too is not going to harm them against the Roman Reigns.