• Know with which changes the Indian version of PUBG Mobile can be released
  • The Indian version of PUBG Mobile is going to be released soon.

The Indian version of PUBG Mobile was announced a few weeks ago. The main version of PUBG Mobile can see some changes in the game.

5 things that can be seen in the Indian version of PUBG Mobile

# 1 Special Events

The Korean version also features their local events. In such a situation, festivals and other special Indian events can be seen in the Indian version.

# 2 Gameplay Changes

During the announcement of the new version, it was told that there will be some changes in the Indian version. According to the statement, these changes are about to take place:

# 1 Characters Default Clothes – The characters in the game are now fully clothed.

# 2 hit effect has now been defeated – the reason for this major change in the game is to keep it limited to virtual nature.

# 3 Time limit will be – Limit will be imposed for young players to make the right gaming habit.

# 3 Data security will increase

PUBG Mobile was banned in India due to poor data security. Krafton has partnered with Microsoft Azure and this will enhance data security. PUBG Corporation said in a press release that they will focus on data security.

# 4 Voice Packs

Developers could potentially add Indian voice packs and this would give the right feel for the Indian version. The chance of this is quite high because earlier the voice pack of Urdu was also present.

# 5 Special eSports Competitions

PUBG Corporation had told in a press release that they will pay attention to PUBG Mobile’s eSports in India. Along with this, he also told about investing heavily in a separate competition for India. Also told that it will be the largest eSports event in the country.

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