This Sunday a new WWE PPV event is held. TLC a priori is a transition event, but it could contain some very interesting surprises. In this article, we will break down some of those that have been commented on and assess whether they will be carried out or not.

Charlotte Flair returns to action

The Queen played their last match in mid-June and has not appeared on screen since. In recent days it has been rumored that she could return to action at TLC to team up with Asuka and face Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the Women’s Tag Team Championship. It is a viable option, although I see no reason to give him the title in pairs. Charlotte aspires to something else and I prefer that Jax and Baszler continue to reign. Another option is for him to betray Asuka or show up after the fight and start a rivalry for the Raw title. Either way, it will be good to see Charlotte back in the ring.

The Hurt Business to power

Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin will have a chance to clinch the Raw tag team titles at TLC by taking on The New Day. It is a fight that has been simmering and that could have a change of reign next Sunday. Alexander already said it a few months ago in an interview, just after joining The Hurt Business: “we want gold. Bobby Lashley owns the United States Championship and The Hurt Business wants more title under their belt. It is a good time for there to be a change of air.

Lana’s revenge

Lana had to be Asuka’s companion at TLC to face Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the Women’s Tag Team Championship. We all imagined it: Lana had to win the fight by throwing Jax on a table in a Tables Match. But the trend this year in 2020 has been to change the script, and this time in particular they have done it again. I do not believe that they will leave this story in this way, although I have doubts if this will be resumed for 2021 and they will keep Lana out of television. However, if Asuka and another companion manage to snatch the titles from the champions, it is very likely that Lana has something to do with it.

AJ Styles wins the WWE Championship

One of the main TLC matches will pit Drew McIntyre against AJ Styles for the WWE Championship. A priori, the Scot is the favorite, but we must not rule out that the company wants to make a big change in RAW. The game would be completely different from “The Phenomenal One” as the champion. At the moment he has company, Osmos, who could intervene in the combat with the TLC stipulation. Let’s not discount Sheamus, who has been involved in his friend Drew’s stories in recent weeks and could take a turn to face him in the weeks ahead.

The Miz redeems the Money in the Bank briefcase

TLC is characterized by being full of stipulations, but also for being a transition show. WWE needs a rebound in the audiences of its weekly shows and this year would not see a headline change, even in the short term, to unblock this rigid trend of the champions of brands. While I think it’s very difficult for AJ Styles to beat Drew McIntyre, I see it quite feasible for The Miz to show up after the fight to attack the champion and trade the briefcase to go home with the title.