WWE is actually the largest professional wrestling company. Wrestlers start at the independent circuit, starting with the independent circuit. After this, if they make a name there then WWE can sign them. New stars have been coming in WWE for years and many superstars have also been successful. Along with this, some superstars also get failures.

Often a superstar comes to WWE and if successful, he stays with the promotion for years. There have been many superstars in WWE history who have had success in WWE but later left a promotion. The superstars later made their return inside the WWE.

There have also been some superstars who never returned to WWE and refused to return. So we are going to talk about 5 superstars who were shocked to leave WWE.

5- Former WWE Star Dean Ambrose (John Moxley)

Dean Ambrose debuted on the main roster in 2012 with The Shield. During this time he was very successful and in a short time he also became the US champion. Also the singles career was also good for this superstar.

Apart from cash-in money in the bank contract, he also became the WWE Champion and every fan will remember his title run. Even after this he was a part of many great storylines and he was a part of big matches at WrestleMania.

He made his comeback in 2018 and this time he was seen as Heel. He was deeply disappointed by the booking of WWE. He also decided to leave the promotion. He then stepped into the AEW and in several interviews has stated that he is not interested in returning to the WWE.

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