• The TLC 2020 PPV is expected to mark the return of several big WWE superstars.
  • Know which superstars may return in TLC 2020.

The last PPV of the year of WWE is about a week away from TLC 2020 and let me tell you, this PPV is going to be broadcast on 20 December (21 December in India). This PPV is named after the three most popular weapons tables of Professional Wrestling, Ladders, and Chairs and that is why many Gimmick matches are going to take place in TLC 2020.

So far 6 matches have been announced for this PPV including the Universal Championship and two TLC matches for the WWE Championship. Now that it is going to be the last PPV of the year 2020, WWE can bring back some big superstars to surprise their fans. In this article, we are going to mention 5 such superstars who can surprise by returning during WWE TLC 2020 PPV.

5- WWE TLC may return in 2020

WWE Hall of Famer As has not appeared in action since facing Randy Orton in the Greatest Wrestling Match Hour at Backlash PPV. Let me tell you, in that match Ashes triceps fell victim to injury and since then he is on the break to recover from injury. As you all know that Randy Orton is going to face The Find in TLC 2020 and there is a possibility that Edge can return to this PPV to beat Orton.

Let me tell you, Edge has faced Orton twice since his return and there is a possibility that he can fight against Orton one more time. It is rumored that the third match between these two superstars can be seen at WrestleMania 37.

4- WWE Superstar Jinder Mahal may return in TLC 2020

Ever since Drew McIntyre became WWE Champion at WrestleMania 36, ​​rumors of him being pitted against Jinder Mahal have surfaced. Let me tell you, Dr. McIntyre is going to defend his title against AJ Styles in TLC 2020 and it is likely that he will beat Styles in this match.

There is a possibility that after the end of this match, Jinder Mahal will return and cheat on Drew McIntyre after congratulating him on the victory. After this, a match can be seen between Jinder and McIntyre at the 2021 Royal Rumble.

3- WWE Women’s star Charlette Flair may return to TLC 2020

Charlett has not appeared on WWE television for nearly 6 months since flair surgery. There is a possibility that Charlett Flair may face Asuka when she returns to TLC 2020. Let me tell you, there has been a lack of rivalry for Raw Women’s Champion Asuka for some time now and that is why she is fighting in the Women’s Tag Team Championship instead of defending her title in TLC PPV.

2- WWE Superstar Andrade TLC may return to PPV 2020

According to reports, WWE is considering making an on-screen pair of Charlotte Flair and Andrade. As we told you that Charlie could make a comeback in the TLC 2020 PPV and there is a possibility that Andrade can also make a comeback with Charlett in this PPV. Let me tell you, in the WWE draft, Andrade was not part of any brand and this is the reason why he can become a part of any storyline after the return of Andrade.

1- WWE Legend Goldberg TLC may return to PPV 2020

Goldberg recently targeted Roman Reigns during the WWE The Bump Show, saying that he was coming to take revenge on him. Now that the match between these two superstars is rumored to happen at WrestleMania 37, there is a possibility that the feud between these two superstars may start in TLC 2020 itself.

The Big Dog is going to face Kevin Owens in TLC 2020 so there is a possibility that Goldberg may come in and face Roman during this match.