• Which superstar will be the winner of the Triple Threat match in WWE Raw?
  • Know the possible end of Triple Threat match in WWE Raw?

The WWE Survivor Series 2020 PPV proved to be a great PPV where fans enjoyed watching the brand battle between Raw and SmackDown. After the end of this fantastic PPV, everyone expected Raw to have a great episode, and Raw’s episode last week didn’t disappoint either. As you all know that last week Raw had Keith Lee, Riddle and AJ Styles winning their respective matches to make it to the No. 1 contender match.

Let me tell you, this week in Raw, all three superstars will clash in the Triple Threat Match for the No.1 Contender of the WWE Championship and the winner of this match will get a chance to feud with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. In this article, we are going to mention 5 such things that can be seen during the WWE Championship No. 1 Contender Match in Raw this week.

5- Matt Riddle will win the Triple Threat match at WWE Raw by surprise everyone?

Matt Riddle was all shocked by defeating four-time world champion Sheamus in a No. 1 contender qualifying match at Raw last week. Matt Riddle landed in that match as an underdog and it was not an easy task for him to defeat a powerful superstar like Sheamus but Riddle managed to win the match. However, Keith Lee and AJ Styles seem more likely to win the No. 1 contender match but matt Riddle also cannot be taken lightly.

Remind you, Matt Riddle defeated AJ Styles earlier this year and he can once again surprise the fans by winning this match.

4- Will Keith Lee lose the match by interfering with The Heart Business in WWE Raw?

In the qualifying match for the No. 1 contender in Raw last week, Keith Lee defeated Bobby Lashley via disqualification to qualify for the Triple Threat match. Let me tell you, the match was ended in disqualification due to the MVP of The Heart Business attacking Keith Lee.

It seems that things between MVP and Hurt Business are not over yet and Keith Lee is likely to lose the Triple Threat match due to Hurt Business’s interference.

3- Keith Lee taking a heel turn in WWE Raw with Hurt Business?

At the moment, it appears that Keith Lee may have to lose the WWE Championship No. 1 contender match due to Hurt Business, but there is also a possibility that Hurt Business may leave Keith Lee and attack AJ Styles and Riddle during the match. If this happens, Keith Lee can take advantage of this opportunity to win the match and take a heel turn.

There is also a possibility that Lee Hurt may join the business after taking a heel turn.

2- Will Braun Strowman be included in the main event of WWE Raw?

Last week, Braun Strowman was suspended for attacking Adam Pearce in WWE Raw. There is a possibility that Strowman may return to Raw this week and continue attacking the superstars until he is included in the No. 1 contender match.

The Monster Among Man could easily become the next challenger to WWE Champion Drew McIntire by easily defeating AJ Styles, Matt Riddle and Keith Lee, showing off his bravery in a Fatal Four-Way match.

1- Will AJ Styles finally become Drew McIntyre’s antagonist by winning the match in WWE Raw?

AJ Styles is currently at the best stage of his WWE career. In the Survivor Series, he brought Team Raw to the threshold of victory and he is just one step away from being part of the WWE Championship match. Keith Lee’s enmity with the Heart business makes him less likely to win the No. 1 contender match and at the same time, Matt Riddle also seems less likely to win the match.

This is why Styles could become the next challenger to WWE Champion Drew McIntire by winning the No. 1 contender match in WWE Raw.