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Any person who dreams of traveling abroad hopes for a quick and unhindered issuance of an entry permit. The main thing for a tourist is to gain time and calculate the financial component of travel. Schengen space is a tidbit for the traveler because it contains 26 highly developed states, between which the borders of travel are literally erased. Therefore, having obtained a visa to one of the territories, you will be able to travel to other areas.

However, which countries have the most uncomplicated visa processing? Let’s find out. We suggest to study guides about Schengen visas right now.

The idea of the authorities to unite several states into one space originated long ago. In 1985, they agreed that the borders of 5 regions would be conditionally erased in order to transport goods freely, allow the passage of citizens, and not interfere with the flow of capital. The treaty was signed in Luxembourg in the castle of the same name. Later, many other authoritative territories also appreciated the benefits of the absence of customs and border controls.

Overview of Schengen Visa & Types

In order to freely cross borders and be eligible to stay inside the zone, residents of other countries need a visa. By the way, some people confuse the concepts of Schengen and EU visas, but one should not do this, as some states have concluded one union but do not support the other. The EU is a political, economic, and military union.

So, what types of visas are there? First of all, it is a single European pass, which is issued by the embassy for a period of up to 3 months. Getting a national visa at once is better if one needs to stay longer in Schengen. Usually, the issuance time varies from 15 to 40 days. In order not to delay the time, if it is not crucial to which country to go, it is better to apply to a place where the conditions of registration are characterized by speed and simplicity.

Which Countries does the Schengen Area include

26 European countries have established unlimited freedom of movement for their own and foreign nationals within this zone. These are such powers as Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and others. The definition of the union is that its conclusion allows free movement of people without the need to pass passport control at the border of each country.

Countries for Easier Schengen Visa Acquisition

The most popular destinations are France, Germany, Spain and Italy. However, due to their demand, the rejection rate is increasing, so tourists have to wait for a long time. If it is not so crucial for you where to start traveling in Europe, begin with our list of the best destinations. According to the European Commission and Kevin Crossman (My Schengen Agency), the following countries have the lowest rejection rate and are able to grant authorization in 90 out of 100 cases.


Luxembourg is a small European country that offers many exciting features for tourists. There are many castles, fortresses, and historical sites to visit. The rejection rate is 1.2% of the 2,380 applications submitted.


The unique nature of Slovakia has a relaxing atmosphere. The local population lives surrounded by forests, lakes, and mountains. Tourists will appreciate local cuisine and a friendly population. The rejection rate is 2.7% out of 2800 applications submitted.


Lithuania is a great tourist destination with a rich history, cultural heritage, and natural landscapes. Some of the main attractions of Lithuania are Vilnius Old Town, Trakai Castle, Palanga, and others. There are famous sights of Europe, sandy beaches, and local delicacies. The refusal rate is 3% out of 24,700 applications.

Czech Republic

It should be noted that Czechia is the only post-Soviet country that has brought its economic growth to second place among all European republics. Special attention is paid to quality education and the health care system. The area has stunning views of nature, ancient castles, and modern architecture. The rejection rate was only 3.3% of 207,470 applications.


Latvia is a beautiful tourist country with unique historical sights, cultural heritage, and delightful nature. The rejection rate was 3.5% out of 16,764 applicants. The attention of tourists is attracted to Riga, or instead, its part included in the UNESCO list, as well as the resort of Jurmala. You will find beautiful sandy beaches, therapeutic mineral springs, and old wooden villas here.


So, if you plan to travel without problems or set a goal to get a European visa, you need to arrive at the embassy of any country in the union. It is essential to go to a place where there is no tourist frenzy. Choose the republic that suits you in the list above and start filing documents. The cost of a stamp in the passport is almost everywhere the same, but the waiting time and the probability of traveling are entirely different.