• Know about the best and cheap characters of Free Fire
  • Free Fire has many good characters but some are much more expensive.

Free Fire has many special features and one of them is characters. The game has 34 characters. Some characters are much more expensive but many characters are also cheaper.

5 Cheapest Character of Free Fire

#1 – Ford

Ford can be acquired in 2000 Gold Coins or 199 Diamonds. With this help, you can reduce the damage outside the safe zone by 4%.

#2 – Nikita

The Nikita can be obtained in 2000 Gold Coins or 199 Diamonds. With the help of this character, you can reload SMGs 4% faster.

#3 – Kelly

Kelly can be considered one of the oldest characters of Free Fire. Players can achieve this character with the help of 2000 gold coins or 199 diamonds. Its strength is a dash and your speed will increase by 1%.

#4 – Olivia

The Olivia can be purchased at 199 Diamonds or 2000 Gold Coins from Free Fire’s in-game store. Olivia’s strength is the healing touch. Whenever you revive a player, you will get an extra 6HP.

#5 – Hayato

Hayato can be called the best and strongest character of Free Fire. This can be achieved in 499 diamonds or 8000 gold coins. His strength is Bushido. This increases penetrations by 7.5% while decreasing 10% HP. If you like to play defensive then this character can be good for you. Also, you will benefit from this character even while taking fights.