• There were indications of a breakdown of friendship between the two superstars in Raw, The Find at the Main Event.
  • Know what were the 5 big stories related to Raw this week?

From the match of Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt in the main event to Ricoh and Danna Brook coming together to fight in a mixed tag team match, there were some exciting things to watch during WWE Raw this week. However, except for the Raw and Orton vs The Find match at Raw’s Main Event this week and the WWE Championship picture, there were some things that were not needed during this week’s episode.

Let me tell you, there were some such matches and savings in Raw this week which seemed that WWE had organized these matches and sagas just to consume time. In this article, we are going to mention 5 big stories that came out of Raw’s episode this week.

The 5-Ruddle trend on Twitter after Raw’s episode

This week in Raw, Riddle managed to make headlines through his two backstage segments. In the first segment, Riedle tried to give Ricochet and Danna Brook, while in the second segment, Jeff Hardy gave Brontes donuts, however, on both occasions, these superstars refused to eat Riddle’s donuts. Not only this, before the match against Bobby Lashley, Riddle suggested Jeff Hardy to be a tag team named Hardy Brose.

It will be interesting to see if Hardy decides to form a team named Brose given the popularity of WWE Riddle. Riddle then appeared in a match against Jeff Hardy and Bobby Lashley where he saved Hardy from being beaten badly by Lashley.

4- Mustafa Ali’s anger erupts after another loss of reckoning

After defeating Reckoning in a one-on-one match in Raw last week, Danna Brook managed to pin Reckoning once again in Raw’s mixed tag team match this week. After this defeat, Retribution Leader Mustafa Ali once again came in the ring and called reckoning very good.

Mustafa Ali had said last time that there is no place for defeat in retribution and after two consecutive defeats of reckoning, it seems that Mustafa Ali may soon be out of his faction.

3- Raw clashes between Jax and Lana

This week saw a clash between Nia Jax and Lana at ringside during the Asuka vs Shaina Bazzler match in Raw. During this time, when Naya is trying to bang Lana on her shoulder with the Announcer on the table, Lana slams Jax on the table using her legs.

Even though Lana managed to escape Naya in Raw this week, it will be interesting to see how Lana can save herself during the match against Nia Jax in Raw next week.

2- Sheamus accidentally kicks his partner Drew McIntyre in Raw

Through Raw this week, there are indications that Sheamus may soon be cheating Drew McIntyre. Let me tell you, during a 2-on-3 handicap match in Raw this week, Sheamus mistook his own partner Drew McIntyre. Brogue gave the kick and Styles took advantage of it to win the match.

After this match, a backstage fight between McIntyre and Sheamus was seen. McIntyre knew that Sheamus had kicked him by mistake, but the way McIntire responded to this, it seemed that the pair could break up soon.

1- Bray Wyatt’s transformation into Raw at the Main Event

Bray Wyatt faced Randy Orton at Raw’s Main Event this week and at the end of the match, the lights in the arena were extinguished when Orton tried to pin Wyatt with an RKO. After this, when the light came on in the arena, the one Orton had pinned in the ring was not Wyatt but Phynd. It was a thrilling moment for the fans and after this, the Find gave Orton a mandible claw.