• WWE TLC may announce some exciting matches for 2020 PPV soon.
  • Know which matches can be included in WWE TLC 2020 PPV?

In the year 2020, the last PPV of the WWE ie TLC is only two weeks away. WWE is indicating to host some of the best matches in this event and soon these matches can be included in the match card of WWE TLC. Let us tell you, in WWE TLC PPV, many types of gimmick matches are seen every year and this year is also likely to happen.

So far 5 matches have been announced for this PPV and in the coming time some more matches can be included in the match card of this PPV. Talking about some big matches going on in PPV, in this PPV, Roman Reigns is going to defend his title against Kevin Owens, while Sasha Banks is going to defend her title against Carmela. Also in this PPV, Randy Orton will be seen facing The Find.

In this article, we are going to mention 5 such matches which can be included in the match card of WWE TLC PPV in the coming times.

5- Bobby Lashley Can Defend His Us Title Against Riddle In WWE TLC

Bobby Lashley has performed well as US Champion, except for Feud against Apollo Cruise and Retribution. At the moment, there are many superstars in the Raw roster with whom Lashley can be contested, and it seems that Lashley’s first opponent may be Riddle.

Lashley attacked Riddle in the back after Raw was rejected by MVP in Raw this week. This could be an indication that Lashley’s next opponent may be Riddle, and the possibility of a match between these two superstars in the WWE TLC PPV has increased since this attack.

4- WWE TLC May Have Table Matches Between Nia Jax & Shaina Bazzler And Lana & Asuka

Although WWE TLC has announced this match for PPV as of now it is a common tag team match. As you all know, Nia picked up Lana 9 weeks in a row and was hit by the disclaimer table, however, she managed to avenge this in Survivor Series. So far, given the way in which the build-up of this food has been seen, it can be said that soon this match can be converted into a Tables match.

3- Smackdown Can Be Triple Threat Tag Team Championship Match For WWE TLC Championship In WWE TLC

Robert Rudd and Dolph Ziggler are all set to challenge for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship after a win over Street Profits last week. At the same time, Cijero and Shinske Nakamura also demanded to fight in a title match at Blue Brand this week. There is a possibility that WWE may book a Triple Threat Championship match between these tag teams at the TLC PPV.

2- Raw Business Team In Hurt Business WWE TLC Can Challenge Champions New Day For Ladder Match

There have already been several championship matches between Heart Business and New Day and one more time between these two teams in the WWE TLC. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods have come so far defending their title in a match against Hurt Business’s Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander and if TLC PPV has a ladder match, chances are that Hurt Business could become the new Raw Tag Team Champions.

1- Sammy Jane Can Be Seen Defending Her Intercontinental Title Against Daniel Bryan And Big E In WWE TLC

While Big E appeared in SmackDown as the new challenger to Intercontinental Champion Sammy Jane last week, Daniel Bryan made his bid at SmackDown this week by pinning Sammy Jane in a Six-Man Tag Team match. So there is a possibility that TLC may book WWE Sammy Jane’s match in PPV in a Triple Threat match against Daniel Bryan and Big E.