• Many big WWE superstars may return after recovering from injury in the coming few months
  • Know what these injured WWE superstars should do after their comeback

The year 2020 has not been good at all for the entire sports industry, which also includes WWE. The WWE has seen many changes due to the COVID-19 epidemic but despite the difficult circumstances, there has been no decrease in the entertainment of the fans.

Meanwhile, many superstars decided to take a break, with the company taking a firm decision to release some in April and some are running out due to injury. That is, the roster of WWE has been struggling with difficult situations for the last few months.

In this article, we are going to talk about the same injured superstars and their possible future plans. The company is most in need of the return of those wrestlers at the moment. So let’s know about those injured superstars and what they should do after their comeback.

Charlotte Flair should be included in the WWE Raw Women’s Championship storyline

Charlotte is one of the most talented and experienced superstars in the WWE Women’s Division and has been a 12-time Women’s Champion. Charlotte became the Women’s Royal Rumble winner this year, choosing to challenge the NXT Women’s Champion instead of challenging the Main Roster Champions.

At WrestleMania 36 she became the NXT Women’s Champion for the second time in her career, defeating Rhea Ripley. But after losing the championship a few months later, in June, he decided to take a break from WWE. The reason being stated that Charlotte is to undergo breast implant surgery.

After being part of the Raw roster in the WWE Draft 2020, Charlotte has also hinted at a comeback. He should appear in the Raw Women’s Title storyline after his return. Because WWE’s Red brand is currently going through a lot of struggle and Asuka is not getting any big challenger.