• Most WWE feeds will end in TLC 2020 PPV.
  • Know which superstars can enter the new fight after TLC 2020 PPV?

The match card of the last PPV TLC 2020 of the year 2020 of WWE looks very good and that is why this PPV can prove to be quite spectacular. In this PPV, Tribal Chief Roman Reigns is going to defend his Universal title against Kevin Owens. In addition, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will be seen defending his title in a TLC match against AJ Styles. At the same time, Randy Orton is going to face WWE’s most dangerous superstar The Fiend in this PPV.

It seems that most of the current running funds will end in this PPV and after this PPV we may get to see some new feeds. In this article, we are going to mention 4 major feeds that can start after TLC PPV.

4- WWE Superstar Keith Lee vs Bobby Lashley

The WWE creative team has been building Riddle and Bobby Lashley’s Feud for quite some time now, and it looks like Bobby Lashley may appear in the TLC 2020 PPV defending his US title against Riddle. WWE has over the years booked Bobby Lashley as a Dominant Superstar and if this match happens, Lashley can retain his title by defeating Riddle.

There is a possibility that US champion Bobby Lashley may get a better response as Keith Lee after the TLC 2020 PPV. Recently, Keith Lee was confronted by Bobby Lashley during an episode of Raw where Lee was won in this match via disqualification due to an attack by the MVP.

In the 2021 Royal Rumble PPV, these two superstars can once again be seen competing, however, the match will hardly happen if the company has plans to make Lee the Royal Rumble winner.

3- WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs Shamus

Drew McIntyre is going to defend his WWE title against AJ Styles at the TLC 2020 PPV. However, McIntyre has not had much time to become the champion, so it is likely that he will defend his title by winning this match.

Shortly before in Raw, Drew McIntyre had a fight with his friend Sheamus and it seems that the friendship of these two superstars may turn into hostility after TLC PPV. If this happens, both these superstars can be seen in the 2021 Royal Rumble PPV.

2- WWE Raw Women’s Champion Asuka vs Shayna Baszler


Raw Women’s Champion Asuka will go on to face the current Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler in association with Lana at the TLC 2020 PPV. If Shaina Baszler manages to defeat Asuka in this PPV via pin or submission, then after this PPV she may get a chance to appear in the Raw Women’s Championship picture against Asuka.

1- WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan

Roman Reigns has been performing brilliantly in WWE SmackDown for a while as Tribal Chief. Since becoming WWE Universal Champion in Payback PPV, Roman has defended his title against Clan of Clash of Champions and his cousin Jay Uso in Hell in a Cell PPV and is now going to defend his title against Kevin Owens in TLC PPV. Have been.

Kevin Owens has been brilliant with Roman during this feud, however, the moment Mom the Mom has at The Big Dog, it seems that he will hardly be able to beat Roman in this PPV. After this PPV is over, Roman can join Danielle Bryan at the Feud.

Let us tell you, after Roman’s order, Jay Uso hit Daniel Bryan badly some time ago and Bryan can get into a feud with Roman after TLC 2020 to avenge this.