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John Cena’s father John Cena Sr. has said that fans should not watch the show if there was a Roman Reigns vs Goldberg match at WWE WrestleMania 37. In an interview with Boston Wrestling MWF’s Dan Mirade, they discussed many topics.

These days, according to many reports, it is being said that at WrestleMania 37, Goldberg can challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. But John Cena Sr. is completely against being in this match.

He said, “If Goldberg challenges Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 37, fans should not see WrestleMania under any circumstances.”

He also said that Goldberg is now 53 years old and should not work as an in-ring performer in WWE.

Continuing his talk, John Cena Sr. said, “I came back because I needed the money. Another person should understand that the end of a career is only once and to make a comeback, again and again, No point. If they match at WrestleMania, I’m not going to buy tickets to that show. I’m not insulting them, but that’s what I said in my mind. ”

Regarding his relationship with the WWE Hall of Famer, he said, “He and I have a good relationship and respect him. I don’t want to fight with him but I want to make him realize that his career is over now are done.”

Roman Reigns vs Goldberg

In a recent episode of WWE The Bump, Goldberg stated candidly that he wanted to challenge Roman Reigns. Actually, both were scheduled to take place at WrestleMania 36 but Roman withdrew due to COVID-19.

John Cena’s father also suggested that Daniel Bryan could prove to be a better opponent for Roman Reigns for WrestleMania 37. He also named The Rock but it would be a good decision to have this match in front of the crowd.