• Know who will win and who will lose in WWE TLC 2020?
  • The biggest match of WWE TLC 2020 will be between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens.

WWE’s next PPV will be Tables, Ladder and Chairs (TLC). Every year WWE organizes this event. This time the event will be interesting because some good matches have been decided. The company organized the PPV for the first time in 2009 and it became one of the main shows after that. The 12th season of TLC PPV is bound to be good.

Nearly every PPV of the year 2020, including Survivor Series, has been good for WWE. This can be said that TLC PPV may also prove to be better. The main theme of this PPV is a TLC match where superstars can use tables, ladders, and chairs without worrying about DQ. Such matches always prove to be good. WWE has delivered many fantastic TLC matches over the past few years.

The 2020 TLC PPV has some great matches set. In such a situation, everyone would like to know about the possible consequences. Therefore, we will talk about the possible outcomes and winners of all matches in Tables, Ladder, and Chairs (TLC).

– WWE TLC: New Day vs The Heart Business (Raw Tag Team Championship Match)

The hostility of New Day and Hurt Business has been seen for some time now. Tag team or singles matches are seen every week between the members of both teams. Now finally Hurt Business has once again got the match for the tag team titles in TLC PPV.

New Day has titles since the WWE Draft. In such a situation, now is the right time for the title change. With this, both Cedric and Shelton of the Hurt Business are performing tremendously. Due to this, they must be made champions.

Possible Consequences: The Heart Business Become New Tag Team Champions

– WWE TLC: Shaina Bazzler and Nia Jax vs Asuka and Lana (Women’s Tag Team Championship Match)

In the past few weeks, the pairing of Asuka and Lana has troubled Shayna Bazzler and Nia Jax. Both superstars have won the tag team champions. In such a situation, his hand can also be heavy in the match.

So far WWE has featured Shayna Bazzler and Nia Jax as a good tag team pair. Well, maybe it’s time for their separation. In such a situation, WWE can change the title here. This may benefit WWE. Actually, Lana will get her first championship in WWE while Asuka will also get a chance to become a double champion.

Likely result: Asuka and Lana become new tag team champions

– WWE TLC: Sasha Banks vs Carmela (SmackDown Women’s Championship Match)

Carmella is scheduled to get a Women’s Championship match against Sasha Banks at the TLC PPV. Both superstars have had animosity before Survivor Series. Carmela has impressed much as Heal and has emerged as a better superstar.

Despite this, it is difficult to become a champion as soon as they arrive. Actually, Sasha Banks captured the title in Hell in a Cell PPV. She is the first to defend a championship in a PPV. In such a situation, he is hardly defeated here.

Possible result: Sasha Banks retain her title

– WWE TLC: The Fiend vs Randy Orton

A singles match is scheduled to take place at The TLC PPV between The Fiend and Randy Orton. For the past several weeks Feind has been continuously targeting The Viper. Both superstars have a long history. Actually, they used to work with each other earlier. After this, they became enemies.

Randy Orton had a big hand in spoiling Brey Wyatt’s old Gimmick. In such a situation, the Finds are about to take revenge on their old enemy once again. The match will definitely be special, but still, there is a high chance of Fiend’s win inside this match.

Likely winner: The Fiend will win

– WWE TLC: Drew McIntyre vs AJ Styles (WWE Championship Match)

The match is going to be the first time between two of WWE’s best in-ring superstars. It has been a dream match for many people and now they are going to face a singles match. The animosity between the two superstars has not been that special.

Despite this, a good match can be expected. AJ Styles is a tremendous superstar and has the power to win. Despite this, the title change in TLC PPV is going to be very difficult. Drew McIntyre’s victory is almost certain. Well, here The Miz can cash-in his contract.

Possible result: Drew McIntyre will retain the title

– WWE TLC: Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens (Universal Championship Match)

WWE can be seen deciding this big match in the main event. Till now the storylines of both superstars have been bang. He has cut quite good promos while the storytelling has also been good. It is for the first time that Roman Reigns has found a fearless adversary.

Roman Reigns has given very good matches since becoming Heal. In such a situation, a good match with Owens will also be expected. Roman is currently SmackDown’s top superstar and he is benefiting from the company. In such a situation, the universal title will hardly be taken away from him. Also, it is not so easy to defeat Reigns. In such a situation, the victory of The Big Dog is almost certain.

Possible result: Roman Reigns will retain his title