white pearl necklace with box

For a successful relationship, it is important to celebrate every little moment and achievement. While going on dates and spending quality time together are effective ways to keep alive your love, gifts are also a vital part. Especially if the occasion to celebrate is an anniversary.

Finding perfect anniversary gifts can be tricky: they need to be valuable both as a gift and as a symbol of your love, tailored to your partner’s taste but also something they would wear or use frequently (because what’s the point of an anniversary gift that always remains in the drawer?).

So here’s a quick guide for amazing anniversary gifts your sweetheart will love.

Necklaces as anniversary gifts

Jewelry is always a must in anniversary gifts, and among all items, necklaces are sure to make an impact. A classic type of gift that can, however, adapt easily to your loved one’s style and taste, being available in every color (gold or silver, but rose gold, too), shape and design.

You can choose from necklaces with gemstones, pendants, or chains. According to your partner’s preferences, you can opt for a more obvious anniversary gift or a more subtle one, picking from heart shapes lavallières, intertwined circles or lockets, zirconia decorations, or even a wide variety of chains (for a more casual, everyday look).

Link bracelets as anniversary gifts

Link bracelets are simple anniversary gifts that go a long way. The best feature of this kind of jewelry is customization because they are modular, thus allowing one to create a unique bracelet by selecting each piece for a really personal present to your other half.

Many brands offer a wide range of link pieces with love messages, but you can also choose symbols like hearts, infinity signs, puzzle pieces, yin and yang, and, of course, years, dates, and names. Compose your bracelet, and then you can give new pieces as anniversary gifts each year.

Rings as anniversary gifts

Gifts for special anniversaries – like 10, 20 or 50 years together – need very important anniversary gifts. For such occasions, you can choose an evergreen present, something your partner will surely expect as the best token of your love: a ring. A ring can look simple, but its symbolic meaning truly expresses commitment, appreciation, and love. It is also perfect as a gift because it can be worn every day and adapted to your loved one’s style: minimalistic, with gemstones, with a particular pattern or shape.

Watches as anniversary gifts

Is your partner the practical type that values functionality over meaning? Then why not combine both by picking watches as anniversary gifts? Many brands now offer watches with very beautiful aesthetics and a real luxury look that makes them more like jewelry and less like an accessory. You can find a gorgeous design and opt for a present that will certainly be worn and used every day, and that will also last for a very long time. And as your secret message of love, you can engrave the back with something special only you two will know.