• Know which TNA World Champions did not succeed in WWE
  • Many of TNA’s big superstars worked in WWE.

WWE has been at the top of the wrestling world for the past several decades. WWE has been challenged by different promotions on several occasions in its history. Actually, earlier WCW was their biggest enemy and for years there was a fight for ratings between the two companies. During this time, many WWE Superstars also stepped into WCW.

At the same time, they were successful. WWE later defeated WCW and bought it. A few years later, TNA / Impact Wrestling made a name for themselves all over the world and emerged as a challenger to the WWE. He did not succeed for long, and eventually, WWE defeated TNA in the competition.

Many superstars have been successful because of TNA. Later those superstars also entered WWE but failed to succeed here and failed miserably. So we are going to talk about 3 TNA World Champions who did not succeed in WWE.

3- Former WWE Star Eric Young

WWE did not use Eric Young’s talent in the right way. He had the power to succeed in WWE. Actually, Eric Young was a part of TNA for a long time before joining WWE. During this time he was very successful. During 2014, he enjoyed patience and became the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

He later stepped into WWE. During this time he became the leader of the sanity group. This group was highly successful in NXT but was poorly booked by the WWE on the main roster. After this, he was separated and he could not succeed. He was released after failing miserably.

2- Austin Aries

Austin Aries will be considered one of the best wrestlers in the wrestling world in this generation. This superstar made his name in the whole world by TNA. He became TNA World Heavyweight Champion for the first time in 2012.

Till now he has won the title three times. Well, he stepped into WWE after leaving TNA. After working for some time at NXT, he stepped on 205 Live and it was impossible to succeed from here. He then ceased to be a lower-card superstar. He later returned to Independent Sin. He failed miserably in WWE.

1- EC3

WWE made a big mistake by not using EC3 properly. He easily had the power to become the next big star of WWE. Despite this, WWE did not book them properly. He stepped into TNA after leaving WWE in 2013.

During this time he got tremendous success and became the face of the company with him becoming the TNA World Champion. Well, he returned to WWE in 2018. He was badly booked on the main roster after doing a good job at NXT. He was destined to be the World Champion but the WWE only deemed him worthy of the 24/7 title.