• Know on which occasions Roman Reigns was badly insulted in WWE
  • Roman Reigns can be called WWE’s greatest superstar.

Roman Reigns can be considered one of the best superstars of WWE. The Big Dog is currently WWE’s biggest heel and has a Universal Championship. Actually, he is a core part of SmackDown and continues to do good work. Roman Reigns has been working in WWE for the last 8-9 years.

He made his debut as a member of The Shield in 2012. After some time he became very famous and became the top babyface of the company. During this time he has been a part of fantastic storylines many times and has been his biggest enemy in WWE. There have also been moments when Roman Reigns was badly insulted on live television.

Fans were not happy with this but it was done to make the storylines interesting. So we are going to talk about 3 occasions when Roman Reigns was badly insulted.

3- When King Corbin Addicts Roman Reigns To Dog Food

King Corbin and Roman Reigns witnessed a long enmity last year. Both superstars are powerful. Well, his storyline gave Roman Reigns the title of Dog. Also, King Corbyn defeated Reings on a few occasions during this period.

During an episode of SmackDown in the month of December last year, King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler tied Roman Reings together. They also filled Reings with dog food. The Romans had a lot of damage and in such a situation the King had badly insulted them. Well, Reings later retaliated and tasted King Corbin.

2- When Stephanie McMahon rained slaps on Roman Reigns

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At the end of 2015, Roman Reigns had a rivalry with the authority. Meanwhile, in December 2015, Stephanie McMahon was doing a promo cut in Raw’s episode. Roman Reigns entered there but McMahon made fun of Reigns.

Roman did not like this thing and insulted the entire McMahon family. After this, Stephanie McMahon could not contain her anger and slapped Roman Reings. It was a bad moment for Reigns but he later avenged it with Triple H.

1- When John Cena attacked Roman Reigns with his words

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In 2017 Roman Reigns had a rivalry with WWE’s greatest legend John. During this time both of them were babyfaces and in such a situation, they were telling themselves the main face of the company. Well, Roman Reigns was repeatedly calling John Cena a part-timer and making fun of him.

Cena avenges this completely. He said that Roman Reigns cannot do the work they do as part-timers even in full-time. Apart from this, he also taunted The Big Dog.