• Many of these mistakes made by WWE in SmackDown completely enriched the fans.
  • This week’s episode of WWE SmackDown got a lot to see

This week’s WWE SmackDown episode is now over. WWE, however, booked the show brilliantly and got a lot to watch. The most important thing this week was the episode of SmackDown that also saw the impression of the buildup of PPV TLC, the last of the year as a whole.

The show saw a fierce contest for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, as well as two new tag team matches as well as the first. However, as usual, it would not be wrong to say that this week’s episode of SmackDown appeared to revolve entirely around Roman Reigns.

WWE tried its best to make this week’s SmackDown a success, but despite this, the show took many wrong decisions that completely spoiled the fun of the show. In this article, we will look at some such mistakes:

#) Champion’s consecutive pin in WWE SmackDown

One thing that WWE has done in the last few weeks at Raw and SmackDown is the same thing as booking champions. Both Raw and SmackDown are the champions of the brand who are constantly losing out via pinfall. While Raw has lost to the Men’s and Women’s Tag Team Champions pinfall in Raw, The Street Profits in SmackDown and Sammy Jane have suffered similar defeats.

At SmackDown this week, Dolph Ziggler defeated Montage Ford in a singles match by pinfall. A few weeks earlier, the Rudd and Ziggler duo beat Street Profits with a pin. This kind of booking of champions is quite shocking and thus if it keeps losing it definitely reduces the value of the championship. WWE should avoid such mistakes in the coming weeks.

#) Not clearing the picture for the IC Championship at WWE SmackDown

Sammy Jane is the current IC champion and has not been a contender for his championship for a long time. Looking at the incident in the last few weeks, it seems that Sammy Jane will be challenged by Daniel Bryan and sometimes it seems that Big E will be the next challenger for the IC Championship.

However, the picture for the IC Championship is not yet clear at all. Last week, Daniel Bryan defeated Sammy Jane via pinfall, and this week WWE booked a singles match between Sammy Jane and Big E. TLC PPV is now just a week away and WWE must definitely book matches for IC Championship and fans also want to see this championship as defended.

#) Otis’s future in WWE SmackDown?

Recently it has been reported that WWE has sent some superstars including Otis back to the Performance Center to train and whatever has happened to them in recent times at WWE SmackDown has raised a lot of questions about their future. . He lost his Money in the Bank briefcase a few weeks ago.

J Uso then badly hit him with a chair after the Survivor Series, and Roman Reigns knocked him out of the match last week. This week Otis did not go against Jae Uso and Roman Reigns but instead appeared alongside his new partner Chad Gable.

However, his debut with his new partner was not too special. They both faced losses against Cijero and Shinske Nakamura in the tag team match. All of this is not a good sign for Otis, especially considering that he was one of the biggest stars of WWE some time ago. WWE has to use them properly and they cannot let them go like that.