The new dramas from Gray’s Anatomy, which arrive exclusively in Brazil through the Sony Channel on February 9, at 9 pm, will be the most real that Meredith Gray and her colleagues will face.

The 17th season of the series presents unprecedented challenges for the medical staff at Memorial Gray Sloan: everyone will be directly impacted by extreme situations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first episode of the new season of the most acclaimed medical series takes place in April 2020, a period when the world was already facing the biggest pandemic of recent times.

Keeping his commitment to be a fictional drama that deals with real issues, Gray’s Anatomy will explore throughout this new year this theme so current in the lives of those who work saving lives. Right at the beginning, the protagonist Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) is faced with the dilemma of recovering from the disease or taking care of her patients.

The public will follow the daily drama experienced by health professionals: fear, tiredness, overcrowding of beds, deaths, lack of equipment and infrastructure.

At the premiere, viewers will be able to follow all the changes and protocols adopted by the hospital to receive infected patients. In addition, he arrives at the hospital, which is only prioritizing cases of Covid, a teenager in serious condition, victim of a fire that occurred in Station 19 – a series derived from Gray’s that tells the daily lives of firefighters in the city of Seattle.

The new season still promises to be marked by the appearance of old and beloved characters, countless flashbacks, betrayals between beloved couples in the audience, new and unexpected relationships, besides, of course, a lot of drama and a lot of emotion.

Gray’s Anatomy is shown in more than 250 countries and is one of the most awarded series today, recognized with Emmy and Golden Globe awards. In Brazil, the series is shown first hand by Sony Channel.