Google Stadia
Google Stadia

Google STADIA introduces new exclusive games in its library.

16 New Games For Google Stadia Revealed By Google, 5 among them are Exclusives

Google Stadia
Google Stadia

Google Stadia:

Stadia is a service developed by Google, it’s a cloud gaming platform which is operated by Google. It is capable of 4K resolution streaming of video games.

It can be accessed through Google Chrome browser on laptop and personal computers, although it requires high-speed internet connectivity for streaming.

STADIA is accessible in all the devices which can operate the Google browser.

From the latest reports, Google is releasing 16 brand new games for Stadia by this year-end among which there are 5 with exclusive titles.

Exclusive games titles consist of:

  1. Two for “Only on Stadia”
  2. Two for “First on Stadia”
  3. One with “Stadia and PC only”

Only on Stadia:

Bothe games, cutesy battle arena shooter, Outcasters, tower defense, third-person action shooter and Orcs Must Die 3 all are first-party games that Stadia Games developers worked on. Among the two, Orcs Must Die 3 will be launching as free for Stadia Pro members. For normal users, they have to pay US$ 29.99 for the game.

First on Stadia:

Super Bomberman R Online, it will be going to be launched soon on Google Stadia. Introducing a battle royal mode that can load a total of 64 players in a single live battle. You will be allowed to customize your characters and memos.

One Hand Clapping, this game expects the players to solve the musical puzzles while singing. It is fun to play while singing.

Serious Sam 4, most anticipated action shooters game of all time will come back with bigger maps and some insane characters.

All other Stadia games will feature cross-play capabilities and much more with the whole collection on the release.

Titles for upcoming games:

  1. Dead by Daylight.
  2. Player unknown’s battlegrounds.
  3. Hitman series.
  4. Outriders.
  5. WWE 2K Battlegrounds.
  6. PGA Tour 2K21.
  7. NBA 2K21.
  8. Hello Neighbor Series.
  9. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

Gamers can expect the combination of old and new games being added to the Stadia library. Around 120 games are going to be added onto Stadia by this year as promised by Google.

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