Hugh Jackman and Angelina Jolie

Sister affairs, ex-partners, controversial infidelities … The world of Hollywood is full of gossip. For better or for worse, the private lives of the actors and actresses eventually come to light and, although most of them try to handle it professionally, some have let their personal problems end up on a set.

As we gather in this article, some celebrities are not allowed to work together, either because they were dating at another time and now they avoid seeing each other; because their infidelity was too public and their respective partners want it not to happen again; or simply because they want all the leading role to be directed at themselves.

Huch Jackman and Angelina Jolie

In 2015 the wife of Hugh Jackman, Deborra-Lee Furness told Today Show that her husband is not allowed to accept jobs with Angelina Jolie. Although Furness added that he was joking along with a nervous laugh, it is not clear if this is true or not, but considering that they have never worked together and that Jolie began a relationship with Brad Pitt when he was married to Jennifer Aniston Maybe he was telling the truth.


Scott Foley is Jennifer Garner’s first husband – we all know that her second until recently was Ben Affleck – and as Radar Online has reported, there are rules within the actor’s current marriage with Marika Dominczyk that prevent him from having any contact with Garner, which includes screen sharing.


You sure remember the time when Kristen Stewart was dating Robert Pattinson, and likewise, you sure remember how it all ended. Some images of the actress with director Rupert Sanders came to light, causing a scandal and causing their respective partners to experience infidelity in the middle of the media hurricane. Stewart and Pattinson broke up, while the director got his wife’s forgiveness. Of course, in exchange for them never working together again. Later, Sanders and his wife, Liberty Ross, divorced, but it seems unlikely that after the great scandal formed, the director and the actress will work together again.


Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder maintained a relationship between 2010 and 2013, later he began dating Nikki Reed -with whom he is currently married-. Shortly after, Dobrev announced his departure from The Vampire Diaries, the series in which he starred alongside Somerhalder. According to various media, Reed has forbidden her now-husband to maintain any relationship on-screen with his ex-girlfriend to prevent the flame from resurfacing, something that could be seen when Dobrev had to go up alone on stage at the Teen Choice Awards to collect the award for Best Kiss. Is it true?


This last case is not carried out by actresses, but by famous people who occupy a lot of time on the American small screen. They are Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian. As Kendall told Love Magazine, she has asked her sister not to attend any of her events as a model, or similar activities, to avoid stealing the spotlight since she wants to be famous for her own effort and that take it seriously.