How to create a IDE for VisualAge
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Posted By:   Shridhar_N
Posted On:   Saturday, August 25, 2001 05:19 AM

Hello Friends,

I am creating IDE's for Java Editors, I have already created IDE's for JBuilder and Forte, now i want to do the same for VAJ. Please tell me the step-step procedure of creating an IDE for VAJ.

I just want a MenuItem in the Menubar and on click of which i want to invoke a webpage. please tell me step-step procedure, coz i am very very new to this VAJ.

please reply me at the Earliest..

Thanks in Advance..


Re: How to create a IDE for VisualAge

Posted By:   Eric_Rizzo  
Posted On:   Wednesday, December 5, 2001 03:37 PM

In addition to the other answer, also see this FAQ entry:
How can I add a shortcut under Workspace > Tools to start a 3rd party tool?

Re: How to create a IDE for VisualAge

Posted By:   Dave_Watkins  
Posted On:   Monday, September 3, 2001 03:49 AM


If I understand you correctly you want to extend the functionality of the VAJ IDE, if that is so you will need to take a look at the VAJ Tools API.

The best resource I've seen on this is in the book Effective VisualAge written by Scott Stanchfield and Isabelle Mauny.

Here is a link to a draft of the chapter in the book that discusses the Tools API.


Once the page loads go to the IDE Use...Using the Tools API section.

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