María Alharilla and Amanda Sampedro are the captains of Levante and Atlético de Madrid, teams that this is contesting the final of the sixth Spanish Super Cup. MARCA has virtually brought together the two captains (due to the pandemic) to analyze a match that goes beyond the crown. The team is more excited than nervous, but we know that we are facing a unique opportunity to make our dream come true says Alharilla, who is living his ninth season of granola.

“We are in a club that bets a lot and well for women’s football and our way of corresponding with what is offered is by achieving successes such as this one,” he adds.”At Atleti we always have very much in mind the words of Luis Aragonés when he said that ‘The finals are not played, they are won’. We want to get rid of the last lost finals (they fell in the cup finals of 2017, 2018, 2019 ) and for this, we must go out and win. The victory against Barcelona meant a punch to the table for us.

We came from a different situation and we showed that this team can never be buried, says Amanda who has accumulated 18 rojiblanco seasons. Levante and Atletico are two of the most successful teams in Spain. The grants have four Leagues, six Cups, and two Super Cups to their credit the rojiblancas present four leagues and one Cup. We want this title because we have never achieved it. I am more about dreaming about the game plan than about the celebration, but of course, there is a desire to celebrate says Amanda who would dedicate the title to Virginia Torrecilla – her example helps us it motivates us every day highlights his family and his people.

Torrecilla and Hugo in mindAlharilla, for his part, confess that I have dreamed more than once lifting a trophy like this with the Levante shirt. There is nothing I want more and we are one game away from being able to achieve it

Says who would dedicate the title to his son Hugo, who turned two years old last Wednesday and with whom he says he has a special greeting on the television. Both captains, the two internationals, coincided in the act of presentation of the final. There was cordial health, conspiratorial gestures, and praise. They saw the Cup, but neither of them dared to touch it. One will lift her to heaven today.