Problem reading a property file and writing to another file
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Problem reading a property file and writing to ano...
Wed Jul 25, 2012 05:13 AM

 Hi All,

  I have to create an ant task that reads values from file and substitutes in another file.

I've created the following ant task:

<project name="common-NB" basedir="." default="liveEx">

<loadproperties srcfile=""></loadproperties>

<target name="liveEx" description="Read server details from properties file">

 <propertyfile file="${Path}\" >

<entry key = "driverName" value= "${driverName}"/>




Path = C:\\Projects\\Release

This creates another in Release folder and writes the driverName in the property file instead of substituting drivename in existing file.

I tried having the and clv.proeprties in same folder

<propertyfile file= "" > works fine. It updates the with correct value.

What is the problem?





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