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Are there any commerical tools, with a Java API, that would allow dynamic PDF document generation?

Where can I find a DTD for JSP?

What is meant by xml transformation?

Where can I find examples of using the XML Java API?

How can I convert the .txt files to xml document? Are there any reliable softwares available, or can I do it with the help of Java?

Is there a mailing list for discussion of XML technologies with the Java platform?

XSL: I get namespace attributes showing up all over my result document. How do I get rid of them?

Where can I get the specifications?

So XML represents data content, what about data presentation?

What are Xbeans?

From which languages can I use the DOM?

Where can I get an XML->DOM parser?

What is the DOM?

Who's defining standard DTDs? What are these x MLs anyway?

What is XML good for?

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